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QA Topics for IPMAT 2024

The Quantitative Ability (QA) section of IPMAT typically tests your mathematical and problem-solving skills. To prepare for IPMAT 2024, focus on the following QA topics:

Number Systems: Study properties of numbers, factors, multiples, and divisibility rules.

Arithmetic: Cover topics like percentages, ratios, proportions, time and work, time and distance, and averages.

Algebra: Understand concepts of equations, inequalities, quadratic equations, and progressions (AP and GP).

Geometry: Study basic geometry, including lines, angles, triangles, circles, and polygons. Also, learn concepts of coordinate geometry.

Mensuration: Focus on calculating the area and volume of geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and 3D shapes.

Probability and Statistics: Learn the basics of probability, permutations, combinations, and statistical measures such as mean, median, and mode.

Set Theory: Understand concepts related to sets, subsets, union, intersection, and Venn diagrams.

Functions: Study the basics of functions, such as domain, range, and composite functions.

Time, Speed, and Distance: Work on problems related to relative speed, trains, boats, and streams.

Profit and Loss: Focus on calculating profit, loss, cost price, selling price, and related concepts.

Simple and Compound Interest: Learn how to calculate interest and amounts over time.

Permutations and Combinations: Understand the principles of arranging and selecting objects.

Logarithms: Study the properties and applications of logarithms.

Quadratic Equations: Solve quadratic equations and understand their properties.

Progressions: Study arithmetic and geometric progressions.

Inequalities: Learn how to solve and interpret inequalities.

Data Interpretation: Practice interpreting data presented in tables, charts, graphs, and other formats.

Calculus: Basic concepts like limits, derivatives, and integration.

Trigonometry: Basic trigonometric functions, identities, and applications.

Puzzles and Logical Reasoning: In some years, the QA section may include puzzles and logical reasoning questions.

Remember that the IPMAT QA section may vary slightly from year to year, so it’s important to check the specific syllabus mentioned in the official IPMAT notification and prepare accordingly. Regular practice, solving sample questions, and taking mock tests will help you become more comfortable with these topics and improve your problem-solving skills.

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