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Is IPM a good career option?

Is IPM a good career option?


A student’s life is greatly impacted by choosing the appropriate course after high school. It might be challenging for the majority of you to select the ideal career path because of the ongoing crisis and increasing competition. But if studying management is something you’ve always wanted to do, the Indian Institutes of Management’s (IIM) five-year integrated management programme is your best bet. Many students today are starting to look into other career options and are no longer making a hasty decision to study engineering or medicine. Additionally, this article provides more evidence that selecting integrated programmes is a wise decision. Listed below are some benefits of IPM.

The benefits of choosing IPM after Class 12


If you want to pursue a management career, IPM is a fantastic opportunity. The curriculum will help you build your reputation in the management industry much more quickly than you could have through the more conventional post-graduation route.


You are no longer required to veer off your path and pursue a career in engineering or law if you want to work in management.

IPM is a fantastic option for students who have completed their 12th grade for the reasons that are outlined in the paragraphs that follow.

  Reasons to Choose IPM after Class 12 

  • Learning with the Best Brains

More diverse and intelligent students attend a college whose admission requirements are more onerous. In order to pass the aptitude test, those who passed the IPM Entrance exam—for which between 15 and 20 thousand aspirants register—went through a rigorous preparation phase. This programme will also help with your overall development because the IIM environment will make you a more intelligent and self-assured individual.

  • A person’s overall development

The first three years’ curriculum is very broad and includes a variety of courses in subjects like philosophy, sociology, political science, math, statistics, French, drama, etc. This varied curriculum aims to offer a well-rounded education that contributes to a person’s overall development, assisting them in developing a wide range of knowledge and skills as well as the ability to think critically and solve problems. Additionally, it gets students ready for deeper specialization in the subject of their choice.

In essence, you would learn skills critical to your holistic development as a whole.

  • The five-year residential programme at the best university

IIM IPM Indore’s campus life has its own allure. It’s like a parallel universe; a setting that forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and exposes you to a wide range of interactions.


  • Wonderful extracurricular exposure

Extracurricular activities are widely available at IIMs through a variety of societies, clubs, and special interest groups, all of which aim to serve as venues for the energy and enthusiasm of the student body. The best festivals in the nation are also held at IIM with celebrity guests from Bollywood.

  • Student exchange programmes offer global exposure.

Each year, the IIM selects deserving students to spend one academic term at renowned business schools around the globe. Undergraduates will undoubtedly benefit from having this global perspective and exposure. Each of you should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad at least once during your academic career.

  • Diversified Course Structure

The IPM programme is structured to give you the broad skill set needed in the industry; the first three years of foundation courses are made up of a variety of courses, including. Economics, statistics, and maths Humanities, fine arts, and literature Social science and psychology Coding Business management is the focus of the final two years, during which you take classes alongside PGP students. Your academic development will be aided by this varied course structure.

  • Placements

With the completion of the final placements for the IPM 2016 to 2021 batch, IIM Indore has successfully maintained its position as one of the best B-Schools in the nation. 100% of IPM batches were hired by prestigious companies. The batch’s average CTC was 23.6 LPA, and the highest domestic package offered was 41.5 LPA. The performance of the average CTC was significantly better than it was the year before. Students enrolled in PGP and IPM are permitted to apply to the same employers. A number of first-time recruiters, including AB InBev, Browser stack, Byte dance, Cloud Tail, FIITJEE, and others, created roles for the participants. The number of recruiters increased by 31.25% from the previous year.

  • Post-College Life

The best working environment middle- and top-level MNCs will hire qualified aspirants from IIM. Due to IIM’s stellar reputation in the field, changing jobs is also a breeze when you have the IIM tag. The IIM experience also equips you for starting your own business, which you can do right out of college or after working for a while. Last but not least, IIM has a sizable alumni population. You can get in touch with alumni for advice, recommendations, or assistance with your own endeavors.

  • Profit from Investment

Comparing the fee structure to a regular graduation, it is too expensive. For the first three years of the IPM, the course fee for Indian citizens would be about Rs. 4 lakh per year. The current Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), which will cost approximately 16 lakhs for the two years of study, for a total cost of approximately 32 lakhs, will be used to determine the cost of IPM’s fourth and fifth years. However, thanks to IIM’s strong placement programme, students and anyone else with debts can pay them off faster. If you are chosen, you can easily obtain low-interest loans from banks for IIM studies, so don’t worry about the costs. IIM students have access to very lenient student loan policies. The NBFA programme at IIM Indore also offers fee waivers to students in the section with the lowest household income.

  • Living Standards

IIM has cutting-edge teaching tools, a wealth of training opportunities, a strong IT foundation, modern hostels and sports facilities, and modern infrastructure. The IIM Indore hostel buildings are artistically constructed and arranged around the canteen on the hillside. All students have access to single-seat and twin-shared housing options on campus, with separate floors and blocks for men and women. The hostels are connected and are typically built in groups of three. The artificial turf basketball/badminton courts are kept in the middle of each block’s square, and some of the blocks also have lawns there. A few IIMs also maintain restaurants, swimming pools, etc. There are also designated mess facilities and 24-hour canteens with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. IIMs also offer top-notch internship opportunities, whether they be for social internships, internships at leading MNCs, internships with startups, etc.

No other university, public or private, can compare to the exposure you will receive.


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