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IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips

Best IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips You Need to Know 

IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips

The verbal section is essential for passing the IPMAT Exam. Most students give little weight to English because they believe that if you are already proficient, you can ace it with little effort.

Focus on enhancing your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar skills as you get ready for the IPMAT Verbal Ability section. Regular practice of mock exams and working through previous year’s question papers can also aid in pinpointing trouble spots and enhancing performance as a whole.

IPM Verbal Ability Tips 2023

However, one won’t be able to perform better on this section without adequate preparation. The best preparation tips for this subject that can be used when studying are as follows:

  • The Verbal Ability test should not be prepared for in the same way as the Quantitative section, to start.
  • Studying three new terms a day will help you become more fluent in English.
  • Answer as many questions from the IPMAT Previous Year Papers as you can to increase your time management and speed.
  • Additionally, it will give you a preview of the questions that will be asked during the verbal ability section.
  • Always carefully read the provided word or passage before responding.

IPMAT Verbal Ability 2023 Important Topics

The primary subjects to be studied for this part are listed in the table below in accordance with the IPMAT Syllabus. Make sure to prepare in advance by carefully going over each subject.

Vocabulary (including Synonyms & Antonyms) Reading Comprehension Grammar
Sentence Correction Sentence Correction Correct Usage of words and phrases
Fill in the Blanks One Word Substitution Inference based passages
Conjunctions Tenses Modifiers & Parallelism
Sentence Rearrangement Verbal Analogies Prepositions

Tips for the IPMAT Verbal Ability 2023

The following preparation strategies have been suggested by experts for the verbal portions of the IPMAT Exam. Here are some of the most crucial pointers for the IPMAT’s verbal section.

  1. Scheduling your time

We are all aware that the IPM exam’s most crucial component is time management. Set aside a specific amount of time for each topic to begin with. When it is convenient for you, create a good IPMAT Verbal Ability study plan. Ensure that you finish learning the material in the allotted time.

  1. Comprehending the syllabus and pattern

You should thoroughly go over the IPMAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus before you start studying. You can better understand the question paper’s pattern by being aware of the marking scheme and the question paper’s format. The subjects that will be covered in each segment can also be discovered.

  1. Create Brief Notes

Make sure to include key ideas in your notes as you study. These notes will be beneficial when revising.

  1. Increase Your Speed

Speed is one of the key components of the IPMAT exam. You should therefore increase your vocabulary and reading speed without compromising accuracy as a result.

  1. Examine the papers from previous years

Understanding the types of questions that will be asked in the test, the difficulty level of the paper, and the marking system are just a few of the things you will learn by solving the question papers. Additionally, it will help you become more accurate and swift. So, to ensure a simple exam pass, practice as many sample papers as you can.

  1. Read the newspaper regularly

Reading newspapers and magazines can help you develop your vocabulary and grammar skills. The newspaper should be read for at least an hour.

  1. Mock Tests to Improve

You can improve your time management and problem-solving abilities by taking practise exams. Additionally, it will help you become more self-assured. You can improve your ability to quickly solve the challenging questions on the exam by taking more IPMAT mock tests.

  1. Revision

Without review, recalling concepts is challenging. You should therefore go over each subject at least once a week. Additionally, it will help you concentrate more on problems that are difficult for you.

Tips for Preparing for IPMAT 2023 Verbal Ability by Topic-wise

The verbal ability section of the test covers a wide range of topics, so below are some suggestions for key themes. These tips will help you quickly respond to questions on IPMAT Verbal Ability on the upcoming test.

Reading Comprehension

  • Determine the paragraph’s tone; doing so will help you respond to questions quickly.
  • Make sure you understand the question’s purpose by carefully reading it.
  • The first and last paragraphs should be carefully read twice.
  • Give yourself at least 20 minutes each day to read the newspaper.

One Word Substitutions

  • Add up each one-word substitutes from the previous exam.
  • Try to pick up a new one-word substitutes each day, then practise it.
  • Learning new words can be helped by completing the Daily English Quiz.

Fill in the Blanks

  • First, make an effort to complete the word without using any of the options on the paper.
  • Next, consider the options and make a choice from among them.
  • You should carefully read the statement before selecting an option.
  • When choosing between two options, use the hit-or-miss method to determine which is best.

Antonyms and Synonyms

  • Make an effort to learn at least 10 new words each day, and write down the definitions and usage examples of any words that you find challenging or difficult to remember. The best way to learn about synonyms and antonyms is in this way.
  • Create sentences using the idioms and phrases you have learned; this will aid in your memory of what you have learned.
  • Make a study schedule that will give you enough time to cover all three subjects in one sitting.



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