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Crack IPMAT Like a Topper: Insider Tips for Your Exam Success!

Crack IPMAT Like a Topper

Crack IPMAT Like a Topper

IPMAT Success Secrets: Insights from Top Scorers to Help You Crack the Exam!

For many management aspirants, passing the IPMAT exam and attending an IIM is the ultimate goal. If you have the proper preparation strategy, discipline, and amount of preparation with knowledge of the new exam pattern, you can prepare for and excel in the IPMAT. This post offers IPMAT toppers, tricks, and trips to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. You can get advice on how to organize your preparation and achieve a high score even though each of your preparation strategies may differ. The article also includes details about the exam format, such as the number of sections, types of questions, and time allotment. To increase timing and accuracy, it also advises using practise materials from prior years’ exams and taking mock exams.


Topper’s Tips to crack IPMAT

Start your exam preparation as soon as you can. You can improve your conceptual understanding and performance on the IPMAT and other comparable tests by doing this.

  • Before starting their preparation, familiarize themselves with the thorough IPMAT syllabus. You will gain knowledge of both difficult and straightforward topics from the perspective of the exam. Create a study plan according to the syllabus and get ready to study.
  • Following their study of the syllabus, candidates must then review the IPMAT Exam Pattern. Knowing the exam format will enable you to determine the total number of questions for each section, the scoring system, and the section length.
  • To find out what is important, read the papers from the previous year.
  • Thoughtfully analyze sectional Cutoffs, but do not rely solely on it.
  • It is crucial to ask questions that focus on the practical application of concepts.
  • Different practice questions are required for short responses to quantitative aptitude questions.

Candidates can review the expert-recommended Tips for the IPMAT Exam and make appropriate preparation plans.

  • Portable Revision Notebook

While daily studying from lectures, study materials, books, and other sources, take brief notes that highlight important information and fundamental formulas. An excellent set of study notes will speed up and simplify your revision process and may even improve your exam performance. Making a convenient revision notebook is also necessary in addition to taking notes. This revision register should be divided into five sections and organized in accordance with the research methodology.

  • The definitions of the challenging words you came across while reading newspapers or while attempting mock sentences to broaden your vocabulary should be included in the first sections.
  • Idioms, proverbs, and expressions drawn from section one should be included in the second section.
  • The third section should cover grammar rules; as you study grammar, make a list of all the crucial rules to help you remember them before the test.
  • Your verbal ability revision process is covered in the first three sections.
  • Mathematical concepts and formulas should be included in section four. There is a new formula or concept note in this section every time you read from a book or in class.
  • The logical reasoning segment, or segment 5, contains all significant LR techniques.

The crucial query is now, “How to revise?” Sections 4 and 5 should be thoroughly revised each time you get ready for a mock exam to ensure proper utilization. Every time you encounter an expression or word that you believe you have read before but can’t place, review sections 1 and 2. By using the methods listed above, you’ll be able to master all key ideas for both the QA and verbal portions of the exam.

  • Sectional Command development

Throughout the planning process, candidates should be aware of their weaknesses and strengths. It will assist in identifying weak areas that need more attention and in developing strong areas. It is advised that candidates assess their level of preparation using the methods listed below:-

  • Make giving a sectional or topic-specific mock exam mandatory after finishing any topic or section.
  • Making mistakes and then learning from them, which is the most crucial step, will help you gradually improve your concepts.
  • Examine what went wrong, go over everything that could be done better, and look for new ways to work faster and more effectively.
  • Make sure you follow through on your study plan on a regular basis; success on the IPMAT depends heavily on consistency and perseverance.
  • Completion of Syllabus

Since the IPMAT exam tests application-based knowledge rather than memory-based knowledge, you cannot succeed in it by memorizing facts by heart; rather, you must practice application-based questions in order to succeed. By practicing and developing your aptitude for questions, you can advance towards your goal once you have gone over the entire IPMAT syllabus and concepts.

  • The first milestone is finishing your syllabus; after that, you can start practicing and developing a plan for handling challenging questions.
  • You have taken the first step towards your goal once you have finished your syllabus. You must now choose a new topic each week and thoroughly review it by practicing questions from the study material and questions from the previous year. Try to complete two or three mock exams for that section that week.
  • Just be sure to practice at least fifty questions each week to improve your quantitative ability, and ask your mentors for clarification on any questions you are unsure how to answer. Alternative approaches that can quickly save time exist for questions.

This will assist you in establishing a solid foundation of ideas needed to succeed on the IPMAT.


  • Grouping of Questions

Consider ways to enhance time management during the exam as one of the most crucial elements needed to stand out in the competition. You must categorize questions on IPMAT practice tests into easy, moderate, and tough categories based on their degree of difficulty.

  • Easy questions are those that you can answer on your own.
  • Questions that call for you to review prior knowledge or seek additional assistance should be categorized as moderate questions.
  • Tough questions are those that you cannot answer even after reviewing the material.
  • As you advance, answering moderately difficult problems will get easier, and as you gain experience, moderately difficult problems will get easier.
  • You can better manage your time during the exam if you do this. The questions you believe to be simple should be answered right away, and the questions you believe to be moderate should be given one chance on the first try.
  • If you can solve it thoroughly; if not, mark it so that you can solve it in a subsequent pass.
  • Then, when you have one final chance, try your best to answer challenging questions; by using this method, you can effectively manage your time. In order to feel confident in your actions, try putting this strategy into practise.

One of the best methods for passing the cutoff is to answer questions correctly, regardless of how difficult they are.

  1. Mock analysis is more significant.

To pass the exam with ease, candidates should practise as many past year’s papers and mock exams as they can. Additionally, each year’s exam will include a number of questions that were on the previous year’s exams, making it easier to pass.

You will gain confidence, enhance your temperament, and gain an understanding of the kinds of questions asked on the IPMAT by taking a Mock Test. The most crucial step is to assess your progress right now.

You can develop new concepts and fix conceptual and silly errors by analysing a mock. Choose a mock test series that includes updated short answer questions balanced with questions from the prior year that follow the new examination pattern. a visual representation of your performance, scores, and time spent on each section. You can compete with students from all over India by earning an All India Rank in Full-Length Tests.


  • Time management and Scheduling

Candidates who want to pass the IPMAT Exam must simultaneously study for their boards and entrance exams. Since the IIMs give past academic performance a significant amount of weight, you cannot be forgiving of your 12th grade test scores. One of the challenges for students preparing for board exams and other post-secondary level entrance exams is IPMAT preparation. Because of this, it is crucial for applicants to create a solid study plan and begin their preparation by using the topper’s advice to pass the IPMAT.

Write down your daily responsibilities, adhere to them tenaciously, assess your progress, and evaluate it in light of thorough mocks.

  • Create your own study schedule based on your level of understanding; no schedule is effective for everyone.
  • Analyze the syllabus, weight of the various exam topics, and degree of difficulty before creating your own study schedule.
  • Try to start with the challenging and important topics so you have enough time to revise them.
  • To get a good grade, make a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Regularly reading of newspapers

The papers from the previous year make it clear that the majority of the verbal ability section’s questions are comprehension-based. Reading numerous newspaper articles, editorials, etc. is a necessity for successfully attempting comprehension-based questions, but how to read them is the key. Because reading nonstop won’t be of any assistance to you.


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