Top IPM / BBA entrance exam 2024 Forms and Colleges Learn More | Top IPM / BBA entrance exam 2024 Forms and Colleges Learn More | IPMAT Indore 2024 Forms are OUT!!Open Form | IPMAT Indore 2024 Forms are OUT!!Open Form

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IPMAT Study Material

Preparing for the Integrated Program in Management (IPM) entrance exam requires a structured study plan and the use of comprehensive study materials. Here are some recommended study materials for IPMAT:

  • Official Website:
    • Start by visiting the official website of the institute conducting the IPMAT. The official website often provides details about the exam pattern, syllabus, and any recommended or suggested study materials.
  • Previous Year Question Papers:
    • Solve previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern, types of questions, and the level of difficulty. This will also help you identify important topics.
  • Reference Books:
    • Refer to standard books for each section of the exam. For quantitative aptitude, English language, and logical reasoning, use well-known and recommended books by experts. Some popular publishers include Pearson, Arihant, and McGraw-Hill.
  • Online Resources:
    • Explore online platforms that provide study materials, practice tests, and resources for IPMAT preparation. Websites like Khan Academy, edX, and Coursera may have relevant content.
  • Coaching Institute Study Material:
    • If you are enrolled in a coaching institute for IPMAT preparation, use the study materials provided by the institute. These materials are often tailored to the specific requirements of the exam.
  • Quantitative Aptitude Books:
    • “Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations” by R.S. Aggarwal.
    • “How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT” by Arun Sharma.
  • Verbal Ability Books:
    • “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis.
    • “High School English Grammar and Composition” by Wren and Martin.
  • Logical Reasoning Books:
    • “A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal.
    • “Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT” by Nishit K. Sinha.
  • General Awareness:
    • Stay updated with current affairs through newspapers, magazines, and online news portals. Focus on business, economic, and general awareness topics.
  • Online Mock Tests:
    • Take advantage of online mock tests and practice papers available on various platforms. This will help you simulate exam conditions and improve time management.

Remember to create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time to each section of the exam. Consistent and focused preparation, along with the use of quality study materials, will enhance your chances of performing well in the IPMAT.


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