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IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2023 | Latest Updates, Admit Card, Exam Dates etc.

IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2023

IPMAT Rohtak 2023

To admit students to the 5-year Management programme, IIM Rohtak will hold the IPMAT Rohtak 2023 exam. Having a blended course of management studies from undergraduate to postgraduate, the IPM programme at IIM Rohtak is a cross-disciplinary management programme. For students who have completed their 12th/Higher Secondary education or an equivalent, IIM Rohtak created the Five-Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM). Upon successfully completing the five-year IPM programme, students will receive an MBA degree; however, if they choose to leave after the first three years, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree will be given in their place.

Note: Registration for IIM Rohtak has opened. April 10, 2023, is the last day to register. For its IPM programme, the institution has added 180 additional seats.

IPMAT Rohtak 2023: Exam Pattern

Section No. of Questions Time (in minutes)
Quantitative Ability 40 120 Minutes
Logical Reasoning 40
Verbal Ability 40
Total 120

There will be a total of 2 hours available to complete the 120 questions spread across the three sections.

Marking system

  • Each right response receives four marks.
  • One point is deducted for each incorrect response.




Each applicant must familiarize themselves with the IPMAT Syllabus 2023 before beginning their IPMAT exam preparations. On the IIM Rohtak website, the IPMAT syllabus for 2023 has been made public. Being exam-eligible requires having a thorough understanding of the IPMAT syllabus. The IPMAT syllabus offered by IIM Rohtak should be consulted by candidates. The IIM syllabus includes information on the verbal, mathematical, and logical reasoning sections of the exams. IPMAT testing is taking place at IIM Rohtak.


Syllabus for the IPMAT at IIM Rohtak

The verbal ability, logical reasoning, and quantitative ability sections of the IPMAT syllabus are for IIM Rohtak. There are 40 questions totaling 160 points in each section. Each section will be given 40 minutes to be completed. We have shared the IIM Rohtak section-by-section IPMAT syllabus to make your preparation easier.

Section Questions Marks Time
Quantitative Ability 40 160 40 minutes
Verbal Ability 40 160 40 minutes
Logical Reasoning 40 160 40 minutes
Total 120 480 120 minutes

The complete IPMAT Syllabus for IIM Rohtak is provided below, broken down into sections.

  • Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Logical Reasoning.
  • Verbal Ability.

IIM Rohtak also holds IPM, though it differs from IIM Indore’s. IPMAT Course Outline The IPMAT exam from IIM Rohtak has three sections with 40 questions each: verbal ability, logical reasoning, and quantitative ability. Each section must be finished in 120 minutes. A personal interview that gauges the candidates’ knowledge of general topics, academic aptitude, and communication abilities follows the exam. To get ready for your IPMAT exam, you should study the following crucial subjects. The list of crucial topics will enable you to ace the entrance exam even though the institution has not yet released an entrance syllabus.

IIM Rohtak IPMAT Syllabus: Quantitative Ability

 IPMAT Rohtak syllabus for the Quantitative Ability section assesses candidates’ logical skills as well as their capacity to identify and quickly address issues. There are a total of 40 questions, each of which is required and worth four marks. For each incorrect response, one point is deducted. For more details on the IPMAT syllabus’s Quantitative Aptitude section, see the table below. 

Quantitative Ability Section of the IPMAT Syllabus for IIM Rohtak
Number System Athematic Problem Algebra Geometry Modern Maths
HCF & LCM Average Algebraic Formula Lines Sequence & Series
Surds & Indices Percentage Linear Equations Angles Probability
Simplification Ratio & proportion Inequalities Mensuration Vectors
Divisibility Boats & Streams Logarithm Height & Distance Integration & Differentiation
Factorial Mixture & Allegations Quadratic Equations Basics of Geometry Permutation & Combination

IIM Rohtak IPMAT Verbal Ability Syllabus

40 questions totaling 80 marks are included in the verbal ability section of the IPMAT syllabus for IIM Rohtak.. It includes sections for vocabulary, grammar, and other topics. If a candidate has a strong command of grammar and vocabulary, they can easily achieve higher scores in this section. The IPMAT verbal ability syllabus for IIM Rohtak is shown in the table below.

Verbal Ability Section of the IIM Rohtak IPMAT Study Guide
Grammar Verbal Ability Vocabulary Reading Comprehension
Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Verb, Tenses Error Spotting Synonym & Antonym Synonym & Antonym
Direct & Indirect Speech Fill in the blanks  Idioms & Phrases, Spelling Errors Inference based questions
Prepositions, and Conjunctions Sentence the Completion Foreign Words, and Word Usage  Assumption based questions

Logic Reasoning in the IPMAT Syllabus for IIM Rohtak

The section on logical reasoning in the IPMAT Syllabus for IIM Rohtak covers both verbal and nonverbal reasoning in addition to analytical reasoning. It assesses a candidate’s capacity for critical thought. It employs analytical reasoning. This section contains simple questions. In this section, only the correct response and your response time and accuracy count. The IPMAT Syllabus for IIM Rohtak’s Logical Reasoning section is shown in the table below.

IIM Rohtak’s IPMAT syllabus: section on logical reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Analytical Reasoning
Water Images Statement & Assumption Number and Letter Series
Mirror Images Statement & Arguments Logical Sequence Series
Arrangement Statement & Conclusion Coding-Decoding
Paper Folding Statement & Course of Action Seating Arrangement & Puzzles
Figure Matrix Statement & Inference Cubes and Dices

Along with regularly practicing questions on the mentioned subjects and solidifying your fundamentals, it’s crucial that you take a sufficient number of IPM mock exams to hone your accuracy while working under time constraints.


Hope you got enough information on IPMAT Rohtak Syllabus 2023.

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