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IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2023 | Latest Updates, Alerts, Exam Date etc

IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2023

IPMAT Indore 2023

For admission to the five-year integrated programme in management, IIM Indore will hold IPMAT in 2023. (IPM). It is offered to students who have completed their higher secondary education (12th grade) or an equivalent programme and want to work in management. The IPM programme at IIM Indore is a cross-disciplinary management programme with a blended course of management studies from undergraduate to postgraduate. With internship projects at the conclusion of each academic year, it has 15 terms and will be completed over five years. For the students, the first three years of the programme are the BBA Program and the last two are the MBA Program. A B.A. (Foundation in Management) + MBA degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete the entire 5-year programme.




The IPMAT syllabus is a lengthy list that covers a variety of subjects. Start getting ready early because the IPMAT syllabus is extensive.

The syllabus for the IPMAT 2023 exam is divided into two main sections:

  • Quantitative aptitude (QA)
  • Verbal ability (VA)

IPMAT Indore 2023: Exam Pattern

Three sections make up the exam pattern, and they are each given a different weight as displayed in the table.

Section Time Weightage  No of Questions
Quantitative Ability (SA) 40 minutes 25% 15 questions
Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 40 minutes 25% 30 questions
Verbal Ability 40 minutes 50% 45 questions

A total of 2 hours will be given to respond to 90 questions, which are divided into three sections..

Marking protocol

  • Each right response is worth four marks.
  • Every incorrect response is deducted one mark.
  • No negative marks will be given for the quantitative ability (SA) section.

IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2023 – Section Wise

The IPMAT Indore syllabus is extensive, so you must be very selective in your study methods.

There are three sections in the IPMAT Indore, i.e.,

  • Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
  • Quantitative Ability (Short Answer)
  • Verbal Ability

IPMAT 2023 Syllabus for Quantitative Ability – Indore

The Quant section evaluates your proficiency in Class 12 Math.

The table below provides an overview of the IIM IPM syllabus for the quantitative section.

 Topic Sub-Topics
Number System Properties of a Number Remainder HCF & LCM
Factorial Finding the Unit Digit Surds & Indices
Successive Division Divisibility Simplification
Concept of Factor    
Algebra Algebraic Formulae Linear Equations Inequalities
Quadratic Equations Logarithm
Geometry Basics of Geometry Angles Lines
Triangles Quadrilaterals Circle
Polygons Coordinate Geometry Mensuration
Height and Distance    
Problems in Arithmetic Average Problems on Age Time & Work
Percentage Partnership Profit, Loss, and Discount
Simple and Compound Interest Mixture and Allegations Ratio and proportion
Distance, Speed and time Streams,boats
Modern Maths Set theory Probability Permutation and Combination
Sequence and Series Determinants Integration and Differentiation
Determinants Data Interpretation Vectors

IPMAT Weightage: Quantitative Ability (SA)

The topics and their weights for each section are listed in the table below.

Quant Topics(Important) No. of  Questions
Sequences and Series (AP, GP) 2
Algebra 1
Logarithms 2
Averages 1
Percentages 2
Probability & Venn Diagram 2
Total 10

IPMAT Weightage: Quantitative Ability MCQ

Examine the detailed IPMAT syllabus for the MCQ section in the table below, and then begin your preparation in accordance with it.


Important Topics No. of Questions
Number System 2
Arithmetic 4
Algebra 2
Geometry and Mensuration 1 or 2
Permutation, combination, and probability 2
Set Theory 1
Data Interpretation 5 in one set
Matrices and Determinants 2
Total 20


IPMAT Indore 2023 Verbal Ability

Learn at least ten new words per day, noting the definition and an illustration of each word you find unfamiliar or hard to recall, to improve your preparation for the IPMAT Verbal Ability test.

The key topics for the IPMAT Verbal Ability section are listed in the table below.

Topic Sub-Topics
Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms Spelling Errors
Idioms & Phrases One Word Substitution The odd one out
Foreign Words Word Usage
Grammar Noun Pronoun Prepositions
Verb Adverb Conjunctions
Direct and indirect speech Figures of speech Phrasal Verbs
Tenses Etymology and Roots Articles
Active Voice Passive Voice Deductive Reasoning
Subject-Verb Agreement
Verbal Ability Error Spotting Fill in the blanks. Sentence Completion
Para jumbles Sentence Improvement Analogies
Reading Comprehension Synonyms and antonyms (the meaning of a particular word used in the passage) Inference based questions Assumption based questions


Verbal Ability Weightage in the IPMAT 2023 Exam

Improve your exam preparation by reviewing the subject-specific key points and the quantity of verbal ability questions asked in the IPMAT Entrance Exam.

Important Topics number of questions
Reading Comprehension 8
Fill in the blanks. 5
Sentence Completion 5
Para Jumbles 4
Sentence correction 5
Para Completion 3
Total 30



You can create the ideal preparation strategy by choosing the appropriate IPMAT syllabus. Students will be better able to understand the topics and concepts that will be tested and build a solid foundation for the entrance exam with the aid of this syllabus. Consider the syllabus to be a vital and thorough guide to getting into India’s top management schools.

Hope you got enough information on IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2023.

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