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IPMAT exam pattern & Marking Scheme

The IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for admission to their five-year Integrated Program in Management. As of my last update, the IPMAT exam pattern and marking scheme were as follows:

Exam Pattern:

  • Sections: The IPMAT typically consists of three sections:
    • Quantitative Ability (Multiple Choice Questions)
    • Verbal Ability (Multiple Choice Questions)
    • Logical Reasoning (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Duration: The duration of the exam is usually around two hours.
  • Mode of Exam: The exam is conducted in online mode (Computer Based Test).
  • Number of Questions: The total number of questions may vary from year to year, but generally, there are around 100 to 120 questions.
  • Marking Scheme: Each correct answer usually carries a certain number of marks, while incorrect answers may lead to negative marking. However, the exact marking scheme may vary across years and institutions. It’s important for candidates to refer to the specific exam notification for accurate information regarding the marking scheme.

Marking Scheme (Example):

  • For every correct answer: +4 marks
  • For every incorrect answer: -1 mark
  • Unanswered questions: No marks deducted

It’s crucial for candidates to prepare thoroughly for each section of the exam and to understand the marking scheme well to strategize their attempts effectively.

Please note that while this information provides a general overview of the IPMAT exam pattern and marking scheme, candidates should refer to the official exam notification or website for the most accurate and updated information as exam patterns may change from year to year.


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