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IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022

IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022

IPMAT Indore Exam analysis 2022 

On Tuesday, July 2, 2022, the IPMAT Exam was given. A morning session was used to administer the exam. A computer-based test was given to applicants for admission to the 2022–27 IIM Indore 5-year Integrated Program in Management batch. Along with IIM Indore, numerous other BBA institutions would also accept the IPMAT 2022 exam score for BBA/IPM admission in 2022. For the benefit of applicants who took the exam, IPMAT exam analysis 2022 will be shared. In order to understand the exam level, question types, and other information, candidates who had studied for and taken the IPMAT exam must review the analyses of the IPMAT exams from Rohtak and Indore.

IPMAT Rohtak Exam analysis 2022 

Given that the IPMAT exam was held on June 26, 2022, an analysis of the IPMAT Rohtak exam is also provided below. Candidates can review the IPMAT Rohtak analysis after reviewing the IPMAT Indore 2022 analysis. After reviewing the paper, our knowledgeable faculty gave their opinions. The evaluations of the test-takers are the basis for the analysis. For admission to the 5-year Integrated Programme in Management of the 2022–27 batch, the IPMAT Rohtak 2022 aptitude test was held.


IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 for IIM Rohtak

The IPMAT Rohtak paper has been administered since 2019, and this is the fourth time the test has been given. The IIM Rohtak exam was a little simpler for the candidates than it was the previous year. For all three subjects, the majority of the exam questions today could be answered. IPMAT 2022 at IIM Rohtak is generally easy to moderately difficult. However, this year’s English-language exam questions had a high level of difficulty.

IPMAT Rohtak 2022 highlights

  • No sets for data interpretation
  • Set-based LR questions weren’t grouped together but rather dispersed. Questions related to reading comprehension were all together.
  • There was no on-screen calculator available.
  • There were no sectional timings mandated.
  • The vocabulary in the English section was extensive.
  • For requesting more, rough sheets were offered.

IPMAT Rohtak Exam Analysis 2022 

The number of successful attempts for each section is shown in the table below:

Sections No. of Questions No. of Good Attempts Difficulty Level
Quantitative Ability 40 35-36 Easy
Logical Reasoning 40 34-36 Easy, practicable, but time consuming
Verbal Ability 40 28-29 Moderate and tricky
Total 120 90-95 Easy to Moderate

IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 for Quantitative Ability

The IPMAT IIM Rohtak section that this was was the simplest. The questions were simple and did not require calculation. The Math section had 34 to 36 questions that candidates could easily attempt. The following topics and number of questions are included in the Quantitative Ability section:

Topic No. of Questions
Percentage 3
SI and CI 3
Profit and loss 3
Ratio and proportion 2
Work and Time 1 or 2
Speed and Distance 3 – 4
Probability 5 – 6
Mensuration 3 – 4
Simplification 1
Algebra 2
Numbers 4

IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 for Logical Reasoning

The logical reasoning test’s questions were very simple. Out of all the questions, one set was challenging and time-consuming. Other than this, this year’s tests included inquiries about Data Sufficiency, Directions, etc. The following list of topics and questions are included in the logical reasoning section:

Topic No. of Questions
Syllogism 3
Series 4-5
Cubes and Dice 3-4
Analogy 1-2
Classification 1-2
Circular Arrangement 2
Clock 1
Calendar 1
Classification Arrangement 3
Blood Relation 2-3
Coding and Decoding 2-3
Statement and Assumptions 1
Statement and conclusion 2
Inequalities 1
Venn Diagram 1
Missing Numbers 1
Water Image 1
Other Topics 2-3
Mathematical operations 2


IPMAT Exam Analysis 2022 for Verbal Ability

This time, the English section was challenging because the paper had a large vocabulary and the words were challenging to understand. See below for a breakdown of the questions by topics.

Topic No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 3 sets with 3 questions
Para jumbles 3
Grammar  3 – 5
Vocabulary 7 -10
Idioms and Phrases 5


IPMAT Indore Exam Analysis 2022

According to the IPMAT paper analysis, the exam’s overall difficulty level was moderate and was comparable to the year before. The IPMAT Indore Exam 2022’s main highlights include the following.

  • In 2022, there were 90 questions on the exam because the pattern was entirely different from the previous year.
  • The verbal ability section of the test required 45 minutes to complete 45 questions.
  • Comparing the verbal ability section to the other two, it was fairly simple.
  • This year’s Quantitative Ability (SA) section was more difficult than it was last year.
Sections No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Quantitative Ability (SA) 15 Moderate
Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 30 Moderate-Difficult
Verbal Ability (VA) 45 Easy-Moderate
Total 90 Moderate-Difficult




Quantitative Ability Exam Analysis for the IPMAT 2022 (SA)

  • In all, 15 questions had to be answered within the allotted 40 minutes.
  • The majority of the questions are doable and manageable.
  • There was one question for each of the following: average, set theory, trigonometry, profit & loss, functions, determinants, and profit & loss.
  • Arithmetic progression and geometry progression each had two questions.

Exam Analysis for the IPMAT 2022’s Quantitative Ability Section (MCQ)

This section was moderate to challenging overall.

  • For students with a background in commerce, the quantitative ability (MCQ) section was fairly challenging because the majority of the questions were unusual.
  • Students with backgrounds in PCM and PCB thought the questions were moderately challenging.
  • Height and distance, time, speed and distance, probability, functions, and average each had one question.
  • Set theory, number systems, functions, arithmetic progression, and geometry progression each had two to three questions.
  • There were set theory and algebra questions, the majority of which were a little challenging.
  • 5 questions were asked after the first DI question.
  • Additionally, 3–4 questions covered topics related to combinations and permutations.

Verbal Ability Exam 2022 Analysis for IPMAT Indore (VA)

40 minutes were allotted to answer 45 questions in total.

  • The majority of students reported that 5–6 questions came after 2 RC passages.
  • Although the passages were long, they were manageable.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks had 708 questions, some of which were a little challenging.
  • Idioms and phrases were the subject of a few questions that were simple to answer.
  • The grammar tests were manageable and simple.
  • Para jumbles, para completion, and spotting the error each had four to five questions, and they ranged in difficulty from easy to moderate.


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