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IPMAT 2023 Pattern and Marking Scheme | Latest Updates.

IPMAT 2023 Pattern and Marking scheme

IPMAT 2023 Pattern and Marking scheme

The exam will take place online and last for two hours in accordance with the IPMAT 2023 exam pattern. Candidates can quickly learn more about the exam pattern by looking at the overview of the IPMAT exam pattern. They can also review the exam’s pattern in greater detail, including the division of the questions into sections and the crucial subjects to cover.


IPMAT 2023 Pattern

Components Details
examination time 120 minutes (2 hours)
allotted time for each section 40 minutes
examination mode Online
sections present Three, namely;

  • Quantitative ability (MCQs)
  • Quantitative ability (short answer questions)
  • Verbal ability (MCQs)
Question types Short answer questions and multiple-choice questions
Marking protocol Candidates will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and there will be negative marking as well

Section-wise Questions

Quantitative ability (multiple choice questions), quantitative ability (short answer questions), and verbal ability are the sections that will be covered in questions for the IPMAT 2023. (multiple choice questions).The number of questions will vary depending on the section. More information about the number of questions per section, the types of questions that will be asked, etc., can be found below.


IPMAT 2023: Total questions across all sections

Sections Quantitative Ability Quantitative Ability (SA) Verbal Ability
Number of questions 25 25 50
Type of questions Multiple-choice questions Short answer questions Multiple-choice questions
Time allotted for sections 40 Minutes
40 Minutes
40 Minutes

Pattern of the IPMAT 2023 Question Papers

There are three sections in the IPMAT 2023 exam:

-> Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

-> Quantitative Ability (SA)

-> Verbal Ability

  • The test will take place online.
  • There are only 100 questions on the test, and each one is worth four points.
  • There are 400 total points awarded for passing the exam.
  • The exam lasts for 120 minutes in total, or two hours.
  • Every incorrect response receives a -1 penalty in both sections.

IPMAT Marking Scheme 2023

  • For each accurate response, candidates will receive 4 marks under the IPMAT 2023 exam format.
  • Since there is negative marking, one mark will be subtracted for each incorrect response. However, the quantitative ability (short answer questions) section does not have negative marking.
  • According to the IPMAT exam pattern 2023, if a candidate doesn’t attempt a question, no points will be given to them or taken away from them.
  • Candidates are not permitted to skip sections. They must respond to the questions in the prescribed order.

IPMAT Indore

IPM Indore’s IPMAT 2023 will primarily consist of two sections. Verbal Aptitude Two sub-sections will be included in the quantitative aptitude section. MCQ and short answer questions are both included.

Test Pattern

Section No. of Questions Duration
Qualitative Aptitude


30 40 min
Qualitative Aptitude


15 40 min
Verbal Ability 45 40 min

Marking scheme

A correct response receives 4 points. (MCQs and SA questions both)

The incorrect response receives a zero. (MCQs)Unanswered questions receive a zero score. (For MCQs as well as SA questions)Unanswered questions receive a zero score. (For MCQs as well as SA questions)

Final weighting by section

This exam counts for 50% of the final admissions score. Below is a breakdown of each section:

Section Weightage
Quantitative Ability MCQ 30 * (Candidate’s Score – Minimum Score) / (Maximum Score – Minimum Score)
Quantitative Ability SA 35 * (Candidate’s Score – Minimum Score) / (Maximum Score – Minimum Score)
Verbal Ability 35 * (Candidate’s Score – Minimum Score) / (Maximum Score – Minimum Score)

Section-wise division of questions

Major Sections Quantitative Ability(QA) Quantitative Ability(QA) Verbal Ability(VA)
Type of Questions Multiple-choice questions Short answers Multiple-choice questions
No. of Questions 35 15 45


IPMAT Rohtak

Three sections can be found in IPMAT. the three abilities are verbal, logical, and quantitative. The questions in each section total 40. Thus, there are 120 questions in all. MCQs make up the exam.

Test Pattern

Section No. of Questions
Qualitative Ability 40
Logical Reasoning 40
Verbal Ability 40
Total 120

Marking Scheme

The IPMAT Rohtak exam has a marking schedule just like any other exam.

  • Each correct response receives 4 marks.
  • Each incorrect response receives a loss of one mark.


Based on the composite score mentioned below, the final Merit List will be produced:

Component Weightage %
Aptitude Test Score 45
Personal Interview 15
Past Academics 40(20% each)

IPMAT Syllabus 2023

The topics from which the majority of the questions will be derived are covered in the IPMAT 2023 syllabus. The following table contains information about the IPMAT 2023 syllabus for candidates. The candidates will benefit from knowing the syllabus in advance as they practice and get ready for the entrance exam.

IPMAT 2023 Syllabus

Sections Topics





Quantitative Ability

  • Distance, Time and Work
  • Geometry, Mensuration
  • Percentage, Profit, and Loss
  • Set Theory
  • Number System
  • Data Interpretation
  • Time, Speed




Verbal Ability

  • Paragraph Completion
  • Word Usage
  • Para Jumble
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fill in the Blanks and Grammar


For the IPMAT Indore and Rohtak exams, your preparations change. Make sure you review the exam syllabus and pattern before you begin your preparations.


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