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IPM IIM Jammu Fees & Scholarship

Merit-Based Scholarships at IIM Jammu for EWS

Twenty scholarships from Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) would be given to worthy students at IIM Jammu, according to reports in the media recently, including those from TOI Education and Daily Excelsior.

The initiative to provide these scholarships has been taken through the IIM Jammu Students Exchange Programme (SEP).

The IIM Jammu scholarship under SEP is expected to be worth INR 1.5 lakhs per student for EWS applicants. 

  • In the first stage, the participants’ financial needs will be determined by reviewing the students’ applications. Some of the candidates may receive invitations to meet with the NBFA Committee based on the outcomes of the first round. Applicants’ eligibility for financial aid will be determined by how well they perform in stages I and II of the screening process.
  • Financial aid is often awarded at a level commensurate with the cost of attendance for that particular academic year. Payments under the NBFA are dependent on the family’s income and are calculated as a percentage of the maximum amount specified. The following are the ranges of yearly income: up to 1.5 lakhs, 1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs, 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs, 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs, and 10 lakhs to over 8 lakhs.
  • It is necessary for students to obtain a loan from a reputable bank and use the funds from the loan account to cover their tuition during their stay in school. The total amount granted under the NBFA program will not exceed the amount allotted for that particular academic year.
  • The participants’ disciplinary histories will also be considered when awarding NBFAs.
  • The NBFA will only cover a fraction of the tuition fee loan, and it won’t be paid out until the required paperwork from the loan account confirming the fee submission is received. Those who meet the requirements ought to turn in a finished application by the deadline set by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Applications received beyond the deadline won’t be examined.  Applications that are thorough and include the necessary supporting materials will be processed in the first round.

The income of the student’s family affects both the amount of financial aid provided to them and their eligibility for scholarships.

 If a student’s household income is less than 1.5 LPA, they are qualified for a 100% scholarship.

International Students Scholarships at IIM Jammu

Below are the IIM Jammu scholarship programs, which are specifically offered to international students

Carlsberg Foundation Fellowships for Internationalization 2023

  •  IIM Jammu scholarship offers Internationalisation Fellowships at the Carlsberg Foundation, for only qualified students, this International Scholarship 2023 offers complete funding.
  • Carlsberg Foundation for International Students is the organization that is offering the award. Candidates who accept Denmark nationals as their students are eligible for this prize.
  • Any of the research areas that the Institutions provide can be pursued with the Carlsberg Scholarship. 
  • Scholarship Reimbursement is the mixture of Research Allowance + Living Expenses + Other Benefits are worth for the scholarship.

The International Scholarship Program 2023 of the Aga Khan Foundation

  • The Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Programme (ISP) 2023 is one of the many scholarships which is offered by IIM Jammu scholarship to international students.
  • The Aga Khan Foundation offers international students a partial financing scholarship. Students who are from nations such as Canada, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, and others should be eligible for this scholarship. 
  • This scholarship which is offered by IIM Jammu can be taken for pursuing any of the subjects offered by the universities. The value of the scholarship could vary on a number of factors like, the time, number of students, and other factors.  
  • Below is the link for the Aga Khan Foundation’s IIM Jammu Scholarship Programs: https://the.akdn/en/what-we-do/developing-human-capacity/education/international-scholarships.


IPM IIM Jammu Fees:


Sl. No. Academic Year Particulars Semester 1 Semester 2 Total Fee (INR)
1 First year Tuition fee 1,70,000 1,70,000 3,40,000
Other academic/non-academic expense* 97,600 95,400 1,93,000
Total fee 2,67,700 2,65,500 5,33,200
2 Second year Tuition fee 1,70,000 1,70,000 3,40,000
Other academic/non-academic expense* 97,600 95,400 1,93,000
Total fee 2,67,800 2,65,600 5,33,400
3 Third year Tuition fee 1,70,000 1,70,000 3,40,000
Other academic/non-academic expense* 1,03,600 95,400 1,99,000
Total fee 2,73,800 2,65,600 5,39,400
4 Fourth year As per prevailing MBA of first year
5 Fifth year As per prevailing MBA of second year


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