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IPM IIM Indore Fees & Scholarship

IIM Indore provides Need-Based Financial Assistance (NBFA) to PGP/ IPM students with annual family income below INR 9 lakh who are eligible to apply for financial aid. The objective of the Need-Based Financial Assistance (NBFA) at IIM Indore is to ensure that no participant is deprived of education at the institute for financial reasons. The NBFA Committee undertakes a two-step process for deciding the number of awardees and quantum of aid.

The Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Indore is a 5-year program that combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Like other programs at IIMs, scholarships and financial aid may be available to eligible candidates.

Scholarships for the IPM program at IIM Indore can vary and may be offered based on various criteria such as academic performance, economic background, diversity, and more. These scholarships can be sponsored by the institute itself, corporates, alumni, or other organizations.

It’s essential to visit the official website of IIM Indore or contact their admissions office directly to get the most accurate and updated information regarding scholarships available specifically for the IPM program, their eligibility criteria, application process, and deadlines. The institute usually publishes detailed information about scholarships and financial aid on their official website or through their admission brochures.

The IIM Indore IPM fees are divided into two parts:

  • The first three years of the IPM course cost Rs. 4,000,00 per year.
  • The course costs for the fourth and fifth years would be the same as those at the time for the PGP and MBA programmes. This currently amounts to Rs 800,000.
  • As a result, the IIM Indore IPM programme will cost roughly Rs 28,00,000.

The amounts paid cover lodging, access to the library, the internet, and lectures at IM IPM in Indore. For the first three years of IPM, housing is arranged as a sharing arrangement. Accommodations with a single room would be available for the program’s fourth and fifth years.

Students are given financial aid based on need. Candidate applications for financial aid are accepted if their annual family income is under Rs. 9,00,000. IPM will receive a scholarship worth Rs. 1.5 lakh for their outstanding fourth-year academic performance.


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