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Important Topics For IPMAT 2023 Preparation

Important Topics For IPMAT 2023 Preparation

Important Topics For IPMAT 2023 Preparation


Each applicant must become familiar with the IPMAT Syllabus 2023 before starting their IPMAT exam preparations. IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore’s official websites have posted the IPMAT Syllabus 2023. To be eligible for the exam, you must completely comprehend the IPMAT syllabus. Candidates should consult the unique IPMAT syllabi offered by IIM Indore and Rohtak. The IIM syllabus includes information on the verbal aptitude, mathematical aptitude, and logical reasoning sections of the exams. The IPMAT result obtained from IIM Indore is accepted by both Nirma University and IIM Indore. The IPMAT is being given at IIM Rohtak. IPMAT Indore and IPMAT Rohtak use different paper designs.


IPMAT 2023 Syllabus

Sections Topics





Quantitative Ability

Distance, Time, and Work

Geometry, Mensuration

Percentage, Profit, and Loss

Set Theory

Number System

Data Interpretation

Time, Speed





Verbal Ability

Paragraph Completion

Word Usage

Para Jumble

Reading Comprehension

Fill in the Blanks and Grammar

IPMAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2023

Components of IPMAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus IPMAT Syllabus & Pattern
Total Questions 100
Total Sections 3
Total number of questions in the verbal ability and reading comprehension section (All MCQ) 50
There are a total of MCQs in this section that test logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and data interpretation. 25
Total number of questions in section: logical reasoning, data interpretation, and quantitative aptitude (SA type). 25
Time duration 120 minutes
Scoring pattern +4 marks for each correct answer
Negative Marking (Only for MCQs) -1 mark for the wrong answer


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Important Topics for IPMAT IIM Rohtak

Review the key points from the post below for the IPMAT Rohtak Exam to improve your preparation.

  1. Quantitative Ability

The following table lists the crucial subjects for the Quantitative Ability section of the IIM Rohtak IPMAT 2023:

Number systems Common graphs and charts Data Interpretation Mixtures and Allegations
Distance, Time, and Work Averages Quantitative reasoning Geometry
Profit and Loss Simple Equations Percentages Quadratic Equations
Binomial Theorem Mensuration Permutation and Combination Ratio and Proportion
Trigonometry Set Theory Problems on Ages Logarithms
  1. Verbal Ability

The key points for the Verbal Ability section of the IIM Rohtak IPMAT 2023 are listed in the table below:

Vocabulary (including Synonyms and Antonyms) Reading Comprehension Grammar Sentence Rearrangement
Sentence Correction Sentence Completion Correct Usage of words and phrases Verbal Analogies
Logical Consistency Deductive Reasoning Inference based passages Prepositions
Conjunctions Tenses Modifiers and Parallelism Noun and Pronoun Errors
  1. Logical Reasoning

The key topics for the Logical Reasoning section of the IIM Rohtak IPMAT 2023 are listed in the table below:


Topic Sub -Topic
Basic LR Logical sequences Series, coding, and arrangements Binary Logic, Input and Output, and Blood Relations
Standard LR Sets Games and tournaments, visual puzzles and cubes, grid puzzles, linear and circular seating arrangements, word problems, sequencing, etc.
Visual Puzzles Cubes and Dices, Venn Diagrams
Sentence Correction Statements and conclusions, syllogisms, true or false, and critical reasoning are some examples.

Important Topics for IPMAT IIM Indore 

Review the key points in the post below to improve your IPMAT exam preparation.

Quantitative Ability

The key concepts for the Quantitative Ability section of the IIM Indore IPMAT 2023 are listed in the table below..

Topic Sub-Topics
Number System Remainder HCF and LCM Properties of a Number
Factorial Finding Unit Digit Surds and Indices
Successive Division Divisibility Simplification
Concept of Factor    
Algebra Algebraic Formulae Linear Equations Inequalities
Quadratic Equations Logarithm
Geometry Basics of Geometry Angles Lines
Triangles Quadrilaterals Circle
Polygons Coordinate Geometry Mensuration
Height and Distance    
Arithmetic Problems Time and Work Average Problems on Age
Percentage Partnership Profit Loss and Discount
Ratio and Proportion Simple and Compound Interest Mixture and Allegations
Time, Speed and Distance Boats and Streams
Modern Maths Set theory Probability Permutation and Combination
Sequence and Series Determinants Integration and Differentiation
Determinants Data Interpretation Vectors

IPMAT Weightage – Quantitative Ability

You can improve your IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation and perform well on the upcoming test by paying attention to the expert advice provided.

The IPMAT Weightage of the Section on Quantitative Ability is displayed in the table below:

Important Quant Topics No. of Questions
Sequences and Series (AP, GP) 2
Algebra 1
Logarithms 2
Averages 1
Percentages 2
Probability and Venn Diagram 2
Total 10

IPMAT Weightage – Quantitative Ability MCQ

Important Topics No. of Questions
Number System 2
Arithmetic 4
Algebra 2
Geometry and Mensuration 1 or 2
Permutation Combination and Probability 2
Set Theory 1
Data Interpretation 5 in one set
Matrices and Determinants 2
Total 20

Verbal Ability

The following table lists the key points for the Verbal Ability section of the IIM Indore IPMAT 2022: To improve your preparation and achieve high marks in the IPMAT Verbal Ability section, go over the topics from the post below.

Topic Sub-Topics
Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms Spelling Errors
Idioms and Phrases One Word Substitution Odd one out
Foreign Words Word Usage
Grammar Noun Pronoun Prepositions
Verb Adverb Conjunctions
Direct and Indirect Speech Figures of Speech Phrasal Verbs
Tenses Etymology and Roots Articles
Active Voice Passive Voice Deductive Reasoning
Subject – Verb Agreement
Verbal Ability Error Spotting Fill in the blanks Sentence Completion
Para jumbles Sentence Improvement Analogies
Reading Comprehension Synonym & Antonym (the meaning of a particular word used in the passage) Inference based questions Assumption based questions

IPMAT Weightage – Verbal Ability

The IPMAT’s verbal ability section’s weighting is displayed in the table below.: –

Important Topics Number of questions
Reading Comprehension 8
Fill in the Blanks 5
Sentence Completion 5
Para Jumbles 4
Sentence correction 5
Para Completion 3
Total 30



It takes some effort to prepare for the IPMAT because it is one of the hardest exams to pass. Before taking this test, you must have a perfect, workable plan in place. You too can achieve those heights, despite the fact that many motivated students have already made progress in that direction. 



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