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Importance of formulas for IPMAT Preparation | Top Picks by IPM Careers

Importance of formulas for IPMAT Preparation 

The majority of students experience anxiety and uneasiness when dealing with maths. Because of this, it’s crucial to support students in overcoming their maths anxiety right away. Students will come across math formulas more frequently as they advance. These equations or statements, which are denoted by mathematical symbols, represent a mathematical relationship or rule.

In this article, we will share some frequently used formulas that can be useful in solving problems. It is crucial for students to comprehend and learn how to use formulas to solve math problems. Variables, constants, and operators are frequently used in formulas to describe mathematical ideas or to provide a set of guidelines for problem-solving. The Pythagorean Theorem, the Quadratic Formula, and the formula for the area of a circle are a few instances of frequently used math formulas.

What is Formula in Math?

A fact or a rule expressed using mathematical symbols is the formula. An equal sign is typically used to connect two or more quantities. When you are aware of the value of one quantity, you can use the formula to determine the value of the other. It facilitates quick question resolution. Formulas are used in algebra, geometry, and other subjects to speed up and simplify the process of arriving at the answer.

Formulae are mathematical equations that show us how to solve problems. They help us solve problems more quickly and easily. In order to use them, we first carefully read our problem to understand what it is asking for, and then we search for a formula that provides the solution to our challenge. Learning formulas enables students to more effectively solve all mathematical issues and adequately prepare for exams. Math formulas aid in thorough review, which helps students get ready for difficult entrance exams. In this article, we’ll examine the various formulas that can be used to get a better handle on the subject.


How Do Important Formulas Help?

Prior to beginning their preparations, students should gather their study materials. Make separate notes for the crucial formulas for each subject as you study for the test. These practical notes facilitate conceptual focus. Candidates can benefit from the Important Formulas in a number of ways:

  • It aids in reducing exam time.
  • Simplifies the calculations.
  • Lowers the possibility of errors.

Mastering these formulas will greatly increase your chances of passing the IPMAT exam because they are necessary. To use these formulas effectively in problem-solving, it is crucial to also concentrate on comprehending the underlying concepts.


Why should we memorize important formulas?

Math formulas are useful when solving problems, just like tables. Your confidence can be boosted by memorizing math formulas, which is especially beneficial in high-stress situations like exams or competitions.

Math formula memorization is important for a number of reasons.

  •  Efficiency: You can easily recall them when necessary, which will save time, especially when solving challenging puzzles or working under time constraints. 
  • Accuracy: Formulas help you stay accurate by giving you a solid point of reference.

In general, learning math formulas by heart can boost your performance in tasks and activities involving math. It is crucial for building a solid mathematical foundation. In general, learning math formulas by heart can boost your performance in tasks and activities involving math. It is crucial for building a solid mathematical foundation.

Many IPMAT aspirants have found the QA section to be intimidating over the years. The sheer number of topics and subtopics makes it challenging to remember all the formulas. It definitely makes it easier to review these formulas before your exam to have them all in one place.

 Importance of Formula

  • Quants  formulas are crucial for students who are preparing for IPMAT 
  • Formulas can be used by students to gain practical experience and raise their IPMAT scores.
  • In addition to these and other uses, mathematical equations are also used in traffic management, aviation, the space programme, and medicine.
  • We must always remember that the solution to each arithmetic equation has the power to alter the course of history. All mathematical equations are essential in our daily lives because of this.
  • Mathematical operations with numbers are necessary, and if you are good at arithmetic, it will help you figure out how much something costs, how many discounted rewards are available, and how quickly you can compute.


The experts say that mastering formulas and quick tips will make it easier for you to pass the IPMAT exam’s quantitative section. So, become familiar with key formulae and quickly perform calculations using them.

As we are all aware, the IPMAT exam’s quantitative ability section is extremely important because it accounts for 60% of the total exam weight. Your individual preparation methods might differ. But concentrating on formulae will improve your IPMAT Maths section preparation.



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