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How to prepare for IPMAT 2023 WAT and PI

How to prepare for IPMAT 2023 WAT and PI

Candidates will be contacted for the next round of the personal interview if they passed the aptitude test (AT) (PI). Since the PI’s score carries weight and is used to determine the final admissions merit, performance is essential. In light of this, a comprehensive strategy that includes tried-and-true advice is the best way to get ready. The IPMAT weighting system must be understood by candidates before anything else.

IPMAT 2023: On June 16, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore will host the IPMAT 2023 exam. The test is designed to evaluate a candidate’s verbal and quantitative aptitude. Candidates must achieve higher scores overall as well as in both sections. To succeed on the IPMAT, you must prepare thoroughly, concentrating on the most recent exam format and IPMAT syllabus. Additionally, candidates can use the advice provided here to help them prepare more effectively and raise their chances of passing the exam with a notably high score.


How to prepare for PI

For the shortlisted candidates, IIM Indore will conduct PI. The PI could be completed online. In order to be chosen for admission, shortlisted candidates must show up for AT and PI. The candidates’ performance in PI is crucial to the selection process. Candidates must therefore be ready in advance.

PI performance and the institute cutoff are used to determine the IPMAT selection process. For various categories of students, the institution sets a different cutoff for each section. The students are called for the PI round if their scores are higher than the cutoff. Being well-prepared not only increases your confidence but also improves how you present yourself in the PI. Although there is no set syllabus for the PI, candidates can prepare for some of the more likely questions. These consist of the following:

  • Why do you wish to join IIM Indore?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why did you decide to follow this career path for yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Additional Advice for Preparing PI

Here are some crucial tips to bear in mind as you get ready for the IPMAT 2023 WAT/PI round.

  •  Good writing abilities take time to develop. It’s crucial to practice every day. Make sure you use proper grammar when you write. Use resources like Grammarly to help you find the errors.
  • The expert’s advice being succinct and precise when attempting a WAT. 
  • A good approach is to first take some time to outline your essay in terms of points, and then further elaborate on those points. Explain your justifications for any statements you make in the essay.
  • Your essay ought to flow logically and be well-written. Instead of displaying your vocabulary, concentrate on keeping it straightforward but thought-provoking.
  • Whenever possible, add facts and data.
  •  Make sure your essay has a strong conclusion.

WAT Preparation: What is IPMAT WAT?

In the Written Ability Test, candidates must write for 10 to 20 minutes on a given subject. Essentially, the question is an essay. Depending on the organization, the questions might change. This test, like an essay writing contest, aims to gauge a candidate’s level of subject understanding, writing proficiency, problem-solving skills, and sound reasoning. By using this method of evaluation, any chance of the candidate having speech difficulties is eliminated.

WAT Preparation: Tips

  • Read & Read
    One needs to have a solid knowledge base in order to study for the written ability exam and be ready to write on any subject. It is only possible if one reads numerous IPMAT books and gather a ton of data. The test subjects could range, for instance, from current affairs to something incredibly general or abstract. If a person doesn’t understand the material, they will undoubtedly do poorly on the test because they won’t have anything to write about. Therefore, invest a lot of time in learning and reading.


  • Organize and Structure
    You can maintain a flow and coherence in your writing by devoting approximately 2 minutes to organizing and arranging your material. Your text will reflect your disorganized thinking, creating a negative impression. Therefore, arrange your thoughts before writing them down.


  • Practice Your Writing

The saying “practice makes perfect” is true. The adage is accurate and will enable you to travel a great distance. Try writing on a variety of topics to improve your writing skills. Practice will help you in a variety of ways. After writing a lot, for instance, you will know how to approach answering the question, saving you time and enabling you to write clearly and coherently.


  • The credibility
    Don’t write merely to lengthen your response. For instance, some people include a lot of personal experiences in their responses. Remember that these questions frequently pertain to the academic world, so the applicant must write in a particular style. So, if your subject requires it, give examples from reliable sources. You can use journals, newspapers, and other scholarly publications as sources. However, if your subject requires a personal example, be sure to record it.


  • Time Management 

Since there is a time limit on this test, effective time management is essential. Your chances of being shortlisted will be diminished if you are unable to present strong arguments within the allotted time frame. Time management and proper material organization are essential. Assure prompt delivery of the best materials. Steer clear of hedging your bets and focus on the issue at hand.




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