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Game Changing Last Week Preparation Tips for IPMAT 2023

Last week preparation tips for IPMAT 2023

On June 16, IPMAT 2023 will be administered in computer-based mode at IIM Indore. Candidates must, however, be thoroughly familiar with the IPMAT exam preparation advice from last week. The main IPMAT 2023 preparation advice for this week is to do some revision and practice IPMAT sample papers and mock tests.

For its five-year Integrated Programme in Management 2023–2028, IIM Indore is conducting IPMAT 2023. In the final week of the IPMAT preparation phase, candidates must avoid starting new topics and use their time wisely for better performance.

Here are a few last week tips for the IPMAT exam 2023:

The final week of instruction must be devoted to practicing for tests and reviewing material. In the final week of the preparation phase, they must refrain from introducing new subjects and make the most of the available time. Following are a few last-week IPMAT 2023 preparation suggestions:

  • Review the Notes and Revise: 

For each subject they have studied, candidates must have prepared brief notes. Reviewing and quickly revising your notes is best done during the final week. Candidates must create a schedule for their final week of study, with the first 3–4 days devoted to working through practice questions while keeping track of the time it took. Utilize your vacation days for review and time management classes.

  • Attempt Mock Tests: 

In the final week before the exam, prepare by taking at least one IPMAT mock test while keeping in mind the IPMAT’s sectional and overall timings. As you prepare for the exam day, this will boost your confidence. However, do not rely solely on the mock test for your preparation. Make a note of the subjects and inquiries that you found challenging, and separately prepare for them. Additionally, it will demonstrate what not to do when taking the test. Attempting mock test will only improve your preparation.

  • Analyze the mock tests: After: 

Taking the IPMAT practice test, it is strongly advised that the aspirant analyze the exam. Determine your strong and weak points and work on strengthening them. Review your strengths frequently, and put more time and effort into enhancing your weaknesses.

  • Prioritize time management:

90 minutes are allotted for the IPMAT. The importance of time management cannot be overstated because candidates are only given the allotted amount of time to complete the question paper. Additionally, there is negative marking on the IPMAT question paper, so it is crucial for candidates to carefully answer the questions. In order to succeed on the IPMAT, candidates must concentrate on finishing the question paper in the allotted time.

  •  Avoid Starting a New Topic:

One week prior to the IPMAT exam, avoid switching topics. Starting a new topic a week in advance won’t accomplish anything but take up a significant amount of the candidates’ valuable time and increase the likelihood that they won’t be knowledgeable about the topic.

  • Examine the IPMAT question papers from prior years:

Candidates need to spend one to two hours studying the IPMAT question papers from previous years to determine which topics are usually covered in the exam and which are the most important. In addition to familiarizing candidates with the types of topics, working through previous years’ question papers will speed up their progress and help them gauge the difficulty of the questions. The IPMAT question paper’s exam format typically doesn’t change. There are 100 questions total, each worth 4 points. A few of the questions are of the short-answer variety.

  • Smart study:

Effective learning, comprehension, and memory strategies are part of smart study. Some of them include making specific, attainable goals, actively learning from notes, summarizing important ideas, etc.

  • Boost your ability to mentally compute:

There are two sections for quantitative ability on the IPMAT 2023 entrance exam. Time management during the IPMAT exam requires accurate mental computation. Practice is the only way for candidates to improve their capacity for mental computation.

  •  Building a focus: 

Distractions like phones or social media must be put away so test-takers can focus entirely on the material.

  • Getting ready for exam day:

Plan your approach for the exam day well in advance. Prior to the exam, get a good eight hours of sleep and a hearty breakfast. If you are anxious, exhausted, or sleepy the day of the exam, no amount of studying will be enough. Be confident and avoid any stress. It is advised that applicants gather all the paperwork they will need on test day, including their IPMAT admit card and ID.

  • Calm yourself and Relax:

 In the final week of IPMAT preparation, confidence and ease are key. Candidates worked very hard to prepare for the exam; they shouldn’t let anxiety and stress undermine that. Try to avoid junk food and eat wholesome foods. Take part in relaxation-promoting activities to de-stress and divert your focus from the pressure of your exam results.


Being one of the most difficult exams to pass, the IPMAT requires extensive preparation. You need to have a perfect, doable plan for this exam that you can adhere to. Even though many committed students have already made their way there, you too can succeed.




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