IPMAT Indore 2024 Dates are Out !! | IFMR 2024 IPM Forms are Out ! Apply now | IPMAT Indore 2024 Dates are Out !! | IFMR 2024 IPM Forms are Out ! Apply now | IPMAT Indore 2024 Dates are Out !! | IFMR 2024 IPM Forms are Out ! Apply now

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Crash course for IPMAT

A crash course for the Integrated Program in Management (IPM) entrance exam involves intensive and focused preparation within a short period. Here’s a suggested plan for a three-month crash course:

Month 1: Foundation and Basics

  • Week 1-2: Exam Overview and Planning
    • Understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme.
    • Create a detailed study plan covering all sections.
  • Week 3-4: Basic Concepts and Formulas
    • Strengthen your fundamentals in quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and logical reasoning.
    • Focus on learning essential formulas and concepts.

Month 2: Intensive Practice and Mock Tests

  • Week 1-2: Section-wise Practice
    • Devote specific time to each section.
    • Solve a variety of problems to enhance your problem-solving skills.
  • Week 3-4: Mock Tests and Analysis
    • Take full-length mock tests regularly to simulate exam conditions.
    • Analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and revise accordingly.

Month 3: Refinement and Final Preparation

  • Week 1: Focus on Weak Areas
    • Concentrate on improving your performance in areas where you struggle the most.
    • Seek clarification on any doubts or concepts you find challenging.
  • Week 2-3: Revision and Advanced Practice
    • Review all the topics covered so far.
    • Practice more challenging problems to build confidence.
  • Week 4: Final Mock Tests and Relaxation
    • Take a couple of final full-length mock tests to gauge your readiness.
    • Use the last few days for light revision and relaxation.

General Tips:

  • Time Management: Practice managing your time effectively, especially during mock tests.
  • Consistency: Be consistent in your preparation. Daily practice is crucial for retaining information.
  • Review and Learn: After each mock test, review your mistakes and learn from them. Focus on continuous improvement.

Recommended Resources:

  • Quantitative Aptitude:
    • “Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations” by R.S. Aggarwal.
    • Online resources for additional practice.
  • Verbal Ability:
    • “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis.
    • Regular reading of newspapers and magazines for vocabulary enhancement.
  • Logical Reasoning:
    • “A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal.
    • Solve a variety of puzzles and logical reasoning problems.
  • Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers:
    • IPMAT official mock tests.
    • Previous year question papers for practice.

Remember that a crash course requires intense dedication and focus. Balance your study schedule with short breaks to avoid burnout, and ensure you stay physically and mentally healthy during this period.


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