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Partner Program

Partner Program

Are you running coaching/tution classes for class 11th/12th students?

Partner with us to grow your business multifold.

Corona pandemic has changed the tuitions market forever. According to the recent survey, CU-ET, IPM/BBA entrances are poised to be a 1 crore aspirant opportunity. Now you can offer IPM Careers programs in your locality/center as a full fledged partner or just enroll students for:

Tuition and Foundation for CU-CET and IPM programs (class IX – X)
CU-ET, IPM/ BBA, BMS programs (class XI – XII)
Your cost is Zero.

Case 1: If you have more than 10 students for above mentioned program, we will send our faculties to your coaching institute to teach. We will split the revenue (net of taxes) 50-50.

Case 2: In case you have less than 10 students for above mentioned program, refer those students to our centre we will give you 25% of the revenue (net of taxes).

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    Tell me about the opportunity in the coaching industry?
    Test Preparation or Coaching will be the fastest growing category and has huge potential as the following statistics indicate:
    • The expected size of the Indian education sector is going to be INR 16,60,000 Crores by FY 2025. The market is steadily growing historically at a CAGR of 14 percent.
    • Within this, the Tutoring and Test Prep or coaching market is expected to be at INR 2,52,000 Crores by the same year. 
    • Moreover, the consumer spending on education has witnessed a significant increase from INR 1,92,300 Crores per capita in 2013 to INR 5,10,000 Crores per capita in 2019 itself.

    Sources: Redseer Report and IBEF Education Presentation

    Why should I become the IPM Careers franchise?
  • The entire academic servicing and classes will be responsibility of IPM Careers.
  • IPM Careers have India’s best IPMAT results in 2020,2021,2022.
  • Goodwill derived from IPM Careers brand name
  • Regular trainings such as product training, sales & marketing training etc.
  • Regular technology enhancements for products/programs as well as operations
  • Periodic product/program upgrades as per market feedback
  • Get a chance to have regular interaction with skilled IPM Careers founders who are from IIM A and IIM L.
  • The study material will be provided in hard copy and e-books format depending upon product promise to each student
  • When and how will I get my part of remuneration?
    There is cool off period of 1 month from the date of enrolment for the enrolment to be considered as confirmed. For every enrolment done from 1st to 15th of any month, the payment will be made by the 18th of the following month. For all enrolments done between 16th and last day of each month the payment will be made by the 31st of any month the payment will be made by the 3rd of the 2nd month).
    What is the difference between the business partner and tutor partner of IPM Careers?
    Features and CharacteristicsBusiness PartnerTutor Partner
    (Enrolment and delivery license for all IPM careers programs)
    (Enrolment license for Young Genius Programs -Foundation, IX-XII))
    License FeeINR 5 lacs to 10 lacsNIL
    Partner Share60%-70%25%-50%
    Royalty Share30%-40%85%
    Study Material CostPartnerIPM Careers
    Agreement Term3 yearsAs per your choice
    Persona Fit
    Decent Investment capability, Decent education background, preferably from education industry, proven success in past business or professional assignments
    Individuals who are already into core tutoring and coaching business which is non-conflicting to IPM Careers products
    Physical face-to-face academic delivery rightsYesNot necessarily
    IPM Careers Brand Usage rights (Like putting our logo, brand on centre or newspaper, radio advertisements etc)
    Yes as per the agreement
    Business generation to be done thru WOM within existing students
    Dedicated RM- To support business development, seminars and all support assistance from HO
    Trainings – Academic, Sales and OperationsYes
    Only for sales and operations since academic delivery will be done by  IPM Careers for the business generated by the Tutor Partner
    Marketing Rights / Digital Marketing RightsYes
    Yes, in certain exceptional cases with prior approval
    Physical Infra RequiredYes. 1200-1500 sq.ftNo
    Manpower RequiredYesYes-One counsellor

    In case of any doubt you may call Aman @8576079609.

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