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Top Books for IPMAT Preparations

For those who are looking to clear IPMAT here are some books that one must buy.

The following tips will enable one to prepare effectively for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT). This article will help you to know about those books which may be better for the IPMAT preparation because in this exam logical reasoning and data interpretation carries most of the weight.

Understanding the IPMAT Exam


IPMAT Exam Structure

IPMAT is the only entrance for the five-year integrated management courses offered at IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. The exam comprises two main sections: Mathematical skills commonly referred to as Quantitative Ability and English skills referred to as Verbal Ability. Still, understanding and analysis of information are also important in the Disclosure Process and in the general preparation.


Key Areas Covered in IPMAT

– Quantitative Ability: A subset of algebra, arithmetic, and geometry assessment in addition to assessment of data analysis skills.

– Verbal Ability: Assesses grammatical skills, lexical means, reading, and a degree of critical thinking.


Criteria for Selecting the Best Books

When it comes to studying, there are no two materials that can be more different than each other. Consider the following criteria when selecting books:Consider the following criteria when selecting books:

– Author Credibility
It is better to read books written by acknowledged schoolmen and authors because according to them the material is well-studied and systematized.

– Updated Content
Check that the books you are using are reliant of the latest patterns of the exams and incorporate recent questions and examples.

– Practice Questions
Test papers along with reference books contain a myriad of practice questions, including the papers of previous years.

– Concept Clarity
Select books that help to establish a foundation of clear and concise concepts, serving as the basis for future learning.


Best Books for Quantitative Ability

– “Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations” by R. S. Aggarwal


Key Features

– A wide array of quantitative subject matters Collected.

– It would be good to explain each step as you do it and explain what is going to be done next as well.

– Multiple previous years’ exam questions and practice questions to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the candidates.


Why It’s Recommended

It is one of the most popular books used by students preparing for several competitive exams which lays down a strong basic mathematics grounding that is helpful for IPMAT.

– “How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT” by Arun Sharma


Key Features

– Chapters to act as a reference for all topics of quantitative nature.

– In order to gradually increase competency there are steps used starting with a harder level of difficulty.

– Most of the practice exercises are provided along with their solutions too.


Why It’s Recommended

Arun Sharma’s book is well known for it’s easy-to-follow manner and for the ability to build up the necessary foundation for the test by going through all the challenges of the quantitative section.


Best Books for Verbal Ability

– “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis


Key Features

– Fun and clear presentations of pragmatic aspects of vocabulary.

– Useful advice that may help improve the quantity and quality of words used in speaking.

– Activity types which help to develop and/affect vocabulary knowledge and recall.


Why It’s Recommended

Norman Lewis’s book is an excellent text for learning vocabulary improvement and paramount significance in the verbal ability section of IPMAT.

– “High School English Grammar and Composition” by Wren & Martin


Key Features

– The rules are taught and used in detail making it easier for me to understand them though the book can be dull at times.

– As will be shown below, Sullivan’s method can be applied to a diversity of examples and problems, including practice exercises.

– Completeness and precision in the ways messages are conveyed.


Why It’s Recommended

If one needs to practice English grammar thoroughly then this book is excellent it also offers the basic skills required for the section of verbal ability.


Best Books for Logical Reasoning

As it has been implied, logical reasoning is one of the core competencies required when preparing for IPMAT. Here are the top books you should consider:Here are the top books you should consider:

– “A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning” by R. S. Aggarwal


Key Features

– Cons and online homework solutions mathematics business communication and logical reasoning topics covered.

– Consequently, there are detailed explanations and solutions of the used concepts and the approaches of the proposed model.

– Solve papers of different difficulty level to build up level of difficulty.


Why It’s Recommended

The logical reasoning book by R. S. Aggarwal has been found to be widely informative for those preparing for their IPMAT as it aids in developing thinking abilities as well as logical problem solving methods.

– “Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT” by Nishit K. Sinha


Key Features

– More focus on the logical/rational and analysis skills but also including mathematical/computational abilities.

– J offers tangible handy advice and measures regarding how to deal with the problems.

– The presence of lots of questions asked in previous examinations and many sample tests.


Why It’s Recommended

In terms of relevance, I must mention that this book is particularly designed for management entrance tests, which means it is ideal for preparing for IPMAT. The most attractive features of this book are the increased number of practice questions and the strict organization of the text that helps to effect the development of logical thinking and quantitative analysis.


Additional Resources for Comprehensive Preparation

Apart from books, consider utilizing the following resources to enhance your preparation:Apart from books, consider utilizing the following resources to enhance your preparation:

– Online Platforms
Online platforms provide engagement and gamification of content, pre-recording of lectures in the form of videos, and other materials for practice. By joining the online classes on Unacademy, BYJU’S, and other YouTube channels helpful lectures, sample questions, and tips for IPMAT can be obtained.

– Mock Tests and Sample Papers
Sitting mock tests and giving practice with sample papers definitely adds a lot to the enhancement of preparation since it gets you used to the setup of the test and time management. Sample tests are effective because they replicate the actual examination process while making you more sensitive to the time factor most importantly the level of practice that you lack.


Tips for Using These Books Effectively

1. Creating a Study Schedule
Ensure that you organize your time properly that you can be able to study for all the subject areas comprehensively. Spend more time with the skills that you find easier and make sure that you utilize adequate practice with every one of them. use of a timetable assist in coordinating oneself when studying and hence he/she does not leave or take long without studying a particular section.

2. Balancing Different Subjects
Don’t neglect any section. Quantify your preparation level, spend your time mapping and planning your verbal strategies, your special request, your logic skills. Cohesion is another concept that should be observed during preparation by ensuring all the sections balance out and gives consistent practice.

3. Regular Practice and Revision
The skill, when rehearsed over and over again and practiced occasionally, is firmly ingrained into the brains, and the accuracy and speed also enhance. Practice sessions contribute to strengthening some aspect, as well as giving insight into what requires constant practice. It proves helpful in avoiding concept decay by refreshing the mind and enabling easy recall during examination times.


With the Right Volition, Resources, and Strategy, one should be ready to prepare for the IPMAT. As indicated in this article, the books suggested are effective tools that, when employed properly in your preparation, will give you a solid footing and make you excel in the exam. This is why one must always ensure that he or she practices as frequently as possible, and also adopts moderation as a key element.



Q: What is the ideal time to start preparing for IPMAT?
A: Even though each exam may vary in difficulty it is best to start preparing for at least six months prior to the exam. The daily schedule provided here enables the teacher to spend sufficient time throughout the day to address all the topics under consideration and practice adequately.

Q: Can I rely solely on these books for IPMAT preparation?
A: Thus, it is a great help, but rendering these books with online resources, sample tests, and coaching, can help to get a better preparation.

Q: How important are mock tests in IPMAT preparation?
Mock tests play a very important role because they approximate the real environment where the exam will be taken, and therefore assists in the timely and proper completion of such exams.

Q: Are there any online resources that complement these books?
Indeed, there are many helpful lectures, questions, and tips on the Internet itself: IPM CAREERS, multiple YouTube channels are all about IPMAT.

Q: How can I improve my speed and accuracy for IPMAT?
A: Some ways as to how a candidate can increase his speed include: more practice, timed mock exams, and dedicating time to weak sections. Fast reading and other methods of quickly going through a text, such as skimming for the purpose of understanding, may be useful as well as the search for short cuts in handling quantitative problems may be helpful.


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