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Previous Year Questions for IPMAT | IPMAT 2023

Previous year questions for IPMAT

Previous year questions for IPMAT

Solving previous year questions for IPMAT is an effective way to prepare for the exam, as it helps in understanding the exam pattern and types of questions asked. It also aids in identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus on areas that require improvement.


One of the best ways to develop skills, according to the expert, is to practice the questions from previous years. Additionally, it will aid in many aspects of your exam comprehension. Solving IPMAT previous year’s question papers is highly advised for IPMAT 2022 preparation. To comprehend the exam format and the degree of difficulty of the questions asked in IPMAT previous years’ papers, you would also need to complete a few IPMAT Sample Papers with solutions.


In addition to IIM Indore IPM, Nirma University also offers an IPM programme, and both institutions accept the IPMAT Indore results as proof of eligibility. The IPMAT Rohtak entrance exam is administered by IIM Rohtak IPM separately. IPM Coaching Gurus advise that, in order to pass the IPMAT cutoff and be eligible for IPM admission, candidates must be familiar with the format of the exam and concentrate on completing as many IPMAT practice tests as possible. Furthermore, solving IPMAT Sample Papers will also help candidates identify their weak areas and work on them to improve their overall performance in the exam. It is recommended that candidates start solving these papers well in advance to get a better understanding of the exam pattern and improve their chances of success.



Previous Year Question Papers: Increased self-assurance

  • A good way to practice, assess, identify, and enhance the study process is to respond to the questionnaires from the previous year.
  • A complete set of previous year’s question papers is nothing less than a treasure trove for students preparing for board exams or common entrance exams.
  • Students must therefore comprehend, solve, and learn how to maximise these papers. Students can wisely plan their study strategies by solving previous exam papers and understanding their advantages.


Gains from answering IPMAT previous year’s questions:

Here are a few compelling reasons why you ought to practise answering previous year’s questions in order to feel more confident during exams.


  • Your familiarity with the IPM paper format and sectional difficulty levels will benefit from reviewing IPMAT previous year questions with solutions.
  • If you solve IPMAT previous year question papers and help you in passing IPMAT cutoff, you will easily be able to identify important topics for IPMAT that are asked year after year.
  • To maximize your score and pass the IPMAT 2022 cutoff, you can analyze your strategy after completing the IPMAT previous year question papers..
  • By analyzing your performance by solving IPMAT previous year question papers, you can easily identify your strong and weak areas.
  • The question paper and exam format found in IPMAT previous year questions are exact replicas of those found in the actual exam.
  • Additionally, solving IPMAT previous year question papers can also help you improve your time management skills and build your confidence for the actual exam day. It is a great way to assess your level of preparation and make necessary improvements before the exam.
  • Top-notch review questions similar to those students would encounter in the given exam are accessible through previous year’s question papers. Additionally, it will condition their minds to function similarly to when they are studying for exams.

IPMAT Question Paper Highlights

The highlights of the IPMAT question papers are as follows:

  • The IPMAT question paper is typically moderate in difficulty.
  • There are three sections on the test, and you have two hours or 120 minutes to complete them. Logic-based and a few arithmetic questions are included on the IPMAT exam paper. There is a strong emphasis on higher mathematics.
  • There are a lot of questions on language and grammar on the test as well.

IPMAT Exam Analysis 

The IPMAT exam was moderately challenging overall. The IPMAT paper 2022’s major highlights include the following.

Subjects No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Quantitative Ability (SA) 15 Moderate
Quantitative Ability (MCQ) 30 Moderate-Difficult
Verbal Ability (VA) 45 Easy-Moderate
Total 90 Moderate-Difficult


Previous year Exam Pattern

Exam scheduling was changed slightly for last year. Instead of 100 questions, there were 90. On July 2, 2022, from 10 AM to 12 PM, the morning shift, the IPMAT exam was administered. There are 34 Indian cities where this computer-based test is offered. It was a two-hour test. On the exam, both short answers and questions with objectives were there. For each correct response, there was 4 points awarded, and there were 1 fewer points for each wrong answer. Brief answers do not detract from your score. The maximum score was 360. Look at the table below:

IPMAT 2022 Sectional Weighting IPMAT Question format Number of Questions IPMAT 2022’s allotted time for each section (In minutes)
Quantitative Ability (QA) Multiple choice (MCQs) 30 40
Quantitative Ability (QA) Short answers 15 40
Verbal Ability (VA) Multiple choice (MCQs) 45 40





In order to achieve your desired score on the IPMAT in 2023 and receive admissions calls from IIM Indore IPM, IIM Rohtak IPM, and Nirma University, Ahmadabad, you must complete IPMAT previous year question papers.




Students can use the previous year’s question papers as a tool to strategically plan their study schedule once they realize how important it is to solve the test questions from the prior year. Instead of having to finish cramming words, students can understand the key questions. Students must make sure, though, that they use every possible effort to clarify their ideas. Remember that there are other ways to succeed besides simply answering questions from the previous year’s exam. For revision, it is a helpful tool. Achieving success on any test or assessment requires diligent work.


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