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Placement Opportunities and Career Support for IFMR’s Integrated Program in Management (IPM) Students

Placement Opportunities and Career Support at IFMR

Placement Opportunities and Career Support at IFMR

As of my last update in September 2021, IFMR Institute of Financial Management and Research (now known as IFMR Graduate School of Business at Krea University) offers the Integrated Program in Management (IPM), which is a five-year integrated program combining undergraduate and postgraduate studies. While I can provide information based on the data available until 2021, please note that specific details may have changed or evolved after that date. It’s best to refer to the official website or contact the institute directly for the most up-to-date information.

As for placement opportunities for IPM students at IFMR:

Summer Internships: IFMR IPM students typically have the opportunity to undertake summer internships during their course of study. The institute maintains strong ties with various industries, and students are encouraged to pursue internships in sectors relevant to their interests and academic backgrounds. These internships provide valuable practical experience and exposure to the corporate world.

Final Placements: Upon completing the IPM program, students are eligible to participate in the final placement process organized by the institute. IFMR has a dedicated placement cell that facilitates connections between students and prospective employers. The cell helps students prepare for interviews, connects them with companies, and coordinates the placement process.

Diverse Industry Participation: IFMR’s IPM program attracts a diverse range of recruiters from various industries. Companies from sectors such as finance, consulting, analytics, marketing, operations, and more have been known to participate in the placement process, providing students with ample opportunities to explore different career paths.

Strong Alumni Network: IFMR has a well-established and active alumni network. Alumni often participate in the placement process, providing valuable guidance and mentorship to IPM students. The network can be an excellent resource for networking and learning from the experiences of successful graduates.

Skill Development and Career Support: Throughout the IPM program, IFMR provides career development services, including workshops, resume building, mock interviews, and career counseling. These resources help students enhance their employability and prepare for the job market.

Entrepreneurship Support: IFMR also encourages and supports students interested in entrepreneurship. The institute may provide resources, mentorship, and access to networks to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch their ventures.

Remember that the specific placement opportunities and outcomes may vary for each individual, depending on factors such as academic performance, skills, interests, and industry trends during the time of placement. To get a comprehensive understanding of IFMR’s current placement opportunities for IPM students, I recommend reaching out to the institute’s placement cell or visiting their official website.



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