IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !!

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IPMAT Exam Analysis and IPMAT 2023 Answer key is Out!!

IPMAT Exam Analysis and IPMAT 2023 Answer key is Out!!

 IPMAT Exam Analysis 2023

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On June 16, 2023, IPMAT 2023 was conducted by IIM-Indore. The overall difficulty of the paper ranged from moderate to difficult. The IPMAT 2023 candidates were taken aback by the different paper pattern from last year. The IPMAT Indore Exam Analysis states that there were 90 questions on the test this time. The IPMAT exam analysis can be used by candidates to learn more about the IPMAT exam’s structure and format.The knowledgeable professors offer the IPMAT analysis.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) conducts the Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) annually for providing admission to the five-year integrated programme in management.

Going through the previous year’s paper analysis will let you better understand the essential topics to focus on for better results.

The takeaways from this post can immensely help you in streamlining your preparation to a result-oriented pathway and also give you an idea about the number of questions asked from each subject, the difficulty level of the paper, the type of questions, and more.

Trend in IPMAT Exam Analysis

The IIM IPM Exam Past Five Years Exam Analysis is explained in the following points, including exam mode, sections covered, question type, and more.

  • Question types: Questions with Several Choices Short Answer (SA) and Multiple Choice (MCQ) questions.
  • Sections: Typically, the exam is divided into three sections. There are two sections for verbal ability and one for quantitative ability.
  • Maximum Marks: For a total of 400 points, the exam is given.
  • Marking scheme: In MCQs, each correct response receives 4 points; each incorrect response receives 1 point; and short answers receive no negative marking.
  • Sectional Cut-off: It applies to each of the three sections.
  • Difficulty Level: When compared to previous years’ exams, the IPMAT is generally moderate to difficult.
  • Verbal Ability: With roughly 70–80% of the questions falling into the easy–moderate difficulty range, this section of the test has the highest scoring percentage.
  • Quantitative Ability: The MCQ section, which has 40–50% moderate to complex questions, is typically the most difficult.

Analysis of the Quantitative Ability (Short Answer) Section of the IPMAT Question Paper

The quantitative section of the IPMAT exam comprises 50% of the total number of questions (including MCQs and short answer-type questions).

  • The SA section is typically of moderate difficulty and contains 20–30% challenging questions.
  • The questions mostly focus on logs, arithmetic progressions, geometry, probability, and P&C.
  • According to statistics, 40% of the questions are based on logarithms and sequence and series, continuing a recent trend.
  • Anything between 70 and 80 percent attempt with 80 percent accuracy would be a good attempt.


Analysis of the Quantitative Ability (MCQ) Section of the IPMAT Question Paper

  • This section is typically the hardest because there are 40–50% tricky questions and 40 questions to finish in 40 minutes.
  • Number systems, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, menstruation, P & C, sets, data interpretation, and matrices are the subjects covered by the majority of the questions.
  • Algebra, arithmetic, and data interpretation are used statistically as the foundation for 50–55% of questions.
  • Any attempt between 67% and 75% with 85% accuracy would be considered good and would net you between 80 and 90 marks.


Analysis of the Verbal Ability Section from the IPM Question Paper

As was the case in previous years, the questions in the IPMAT verbal ability section do not attempt to assess your proficiency in Standard English or your command of vocabulary terms like antonyms, synonyms, and analogies.

Instead, the verbal questions assess your overall command of English through the use of question types like fill-in-the-blank, usage of words & phrases, and contextual vocabulary usage.


  • Approximately 80% of the questions in this section are easy to moderately difficult, making it the easiest section overall.
  • Reading comprehension, fill-in-the-blanks, sentence completion, parajumbles, and sentence completion-based questions make up the majority of exam questions.
  • According to statistics, 50–55 percent of questions are fill-in-the-blank and reading comprehension exercises.
  • An accurate 90% attempt would earn you between 120 and 125 marks, while anything between 85 and 90% would earn you less than that.

IPMAT Answer Key 2023

One of the most important documents that applicants should keep with them throughout the admissions cycle is the IPMAT Answer Key 2023. The IPMAT Exam answer key can be used by candidates to verify their estimated scores.

 IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore’s IPMAT exams were successfully held. On June 16, 2023, IPMAT Indore, respectively, was conducted. To get the IPMAT answer key, you must enter your user ID and password.


IPMAT Answer Key 2023: Detailed Information

The IPMAT Answer key 2023 contains the precise solutions to each and every multiple-choice question (MCQ) on the test. You can find the following details in the solution key:

  • Serial number.
  • Question ID.
  • Option ID.
  • Correction Option ID.
  • Option ID claimed.
  • Status of Selected Option ID

Importance of IPMAT Answer Key 2023

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the IPMAT answer key 2023. Here are the key components of the IPMAT answer key 2023 listed for candidates to review.

  • Candidates may check their responses twice. This makes it easier to assess the accuracy of their responses.
  • Examined answers allow candidates to gauge their performance on the test.
  • You can contrast your results with the anticipated cutoffs and the IPMAT cut off 2023 from the previous year.
  • Candidates can notify the authorities if they find an error in the IPMAT answer key 2023.
  • It would aid students in clearing up confusion after the IPMAT Result 2023 was announced.


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