IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !!

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IIM Rohtak Results OUT: IPM Careers Shines with 20+ Final Selections in IIM Rohtak’s First Merit List


The recent release of the first merit list for the IPM Aptitude Test 2024 by IIM Rohtak has brought great news for many aspiring management students. IPM Careers, a premier coaching institute, has demonstrated outstanding results, with over 20 students securing their spots in the prestigious IIM Rohtak. This article delves into the significance of these results, the preparation journey, and the impact of IPM Careers’ guidance.

Key Tentative Dates for IPM 2024

Online Application Opens

The application process for IPM 2024 begins on February 6, 2024. This date is crucial for all prospective candidates to mark their calendars and start preparing their applications early.

Last Date for Submission of Online Application

Ensure that all applications are submitted by April 10, 2024. Late submissions are not entertained, so it’s important to complete the process ahead of the deadline.

IPM Aptitude Test 2024

Scheduled for May 18, 2024, this test is the gateway to the IPM program. Students need to be well-prepared in quantitative ability, verbal ability, and logical reasoning.

Announcement of Call for Online Personal Interview

By the first week of June 2024, shortlisted candidates will be called for the online personal interview. This announcement is eagerly awaited by all aspirants.

Personal Interview

Taking place in the second week of June 2024, the personal interview is a decisive part of the selection process. It’s essential to prepare thoroughly and present oneself confidently.

Announcement of Selection List

The final selection list will be announced in the first week of July 2024. Making it to this list is a significant achievement for any candidate.

Academic Session Begins

The new academic session is set to commence in the first week of August 2024, specifically on August 1, 2024. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the selected students.

Details of Each Phase

Online Application Process

To apply, visit the official application portal, fill in your personal and academic details, upload necessary documents, and pay the application fee. Double-check all information to avoid errors.

Preparing for the IPM Aptitude Test

Focus on core areas: quantitative ability, verbal ability, and logical reasoning. Utilize study guides, online resources, and practice tests. Joining a coaching institute like IPM Careers can provide structured preparation and expert guidance.

Personal Interview Preparation

Practice common interview questions and develop a clear narrative about your achievements and aspirations. Dress appropriately and maintain a positive attitude during the interview.

Recent Updates

IPMAT Rohtak First Merit List Released

On June 27, 2024, IIM Rohtak released its first merit list for the IPM program. This list includes over 20 students from IPM Careers, highlighting the effectiveness of their coaching and the dedication of their students.

Success Stories from IPM Careers

IPM Careers has a strong track record of helping students achieve their goals. Here are a few testimonials from the recent achievers:

  • Vansh Gangwar: “The support and guidance from IPM Careers were instrumental in my success. Their mock tests and personalized feedback helped me a lot.”
  • Ipsa: “I am grateful to IPM Careers for their comprehensive preparation modules. They made me feel confident and ready for every stage of the selection process.”
  • Tejal Doshi: “IPM Careers provided me with the resources and support I needed to excel. The coaching was thorough, and the mentors were always available to help.”
  • Dhruv Naad: “Thanks to IPM Careers, I could navigate the challenging IPM selection process with ease. Their guidance was invaluable.”
  • Prachi Bhami: “The structured approach and the detailed feedback from IPM Careers were key to my success. I couldn’t have done it without them.”


The impressive performance of IPM Careers’ students in the first merit list of IIM Rohtak’s IPM program is a testament to the quality of their coaching. Aspiring students can draw inspiration from these results and work diligently towards their goals. With proper preparation and the right guidance, success in the IPM journey is within reach.


Q: What is the IPM program?

A: The Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) is a five-year course offered by IIMs that combines undergraduate and postgraduate management education.

Q: How can I apply for IPM 2024?

A: You can apply by visiting the official application portal, filling in your details, and submitting the required documents and application fee.

Q: What should I expect in the IPM Aptitude Test?

A: The test assesses your quantitative ability, verbal ability, and logical reasoning. It is designed to evaluate your overall aptitude for management studies.

Q: How important is the personal interview?

A: The personal interview is a crucial part of the selection process. It allows the interviewers to assess your personality, communication skills, and overall suitability for the program.

Q: What should I do after getting selected?

A: After selection, prepare for the academic session by reviewing any pre-course materials provided and staying motivated for the journey ahead.


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