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How to Master Maths for IPMAT 2023

How to Master Maths for IPMAT 2023


IPMAT 2023 – Maths Preparation Tips

Try to adhere to these IPMAT study tips. They will aid in both your exam performance and your understanding of how to approach the paper methodically.

Know the syllabus and the pattern

  • So that you are aware of the number of questions asked and the marking structure, it is crucial to comprehend the pattern.
  • Make sure you read the entire syllabus in order to understand all the crucial subjects you must master for the exam.

Sign up for online coaching

  • One of the best preparation strategies for the quant section is to choose online coaching.
  • You can develop in-depth understanding of the fundamental ideas with the aid of online coaching.
  • Additionally, it will assist in giving you conceptual clarity across all subjects.
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Know Weaknesses and Strengths

You must be aware of your weaknesses and strengths during the preparation. Building strong areas and concentrating on the weaker areas will help.

  • Start the preparation process with the challenging tasks, then move on to an easier one.
  • Try one or more approaches to the question’s solution. You can increase your accuracy in answering various questions by doing this.

Make Study Notes

  • Make a list of your strong and weak points in each subject.
  • This aids in organising your preparation and topical study.
  • Additionally, you can make a note of IPMAT Quant Subject’s Important Formulas by section. This makes it easier to remember formulas over time and to solve problems quickly.

Maintain your study schedule.

  • Make sure to consistently solve issues related to each topic.
  • Spend at least three hours a day on the quantitative subject.
  • Without delaying, complete the daily task list that has been assigned.

Solve Question Papers

  • One of the best ways to improve your preparation is to complete the IPMAT question papers from previous years.
  • You can learn how to answer a variety of questions, increase your reaction time, and determine the level of difficulty of the test.
  • Since the subject only involves calculations, it’s critical to find solutions to an increasing number of issues.

Attempt Mock Tests

  • Mock tests enable you to assess your level of preparation
  • To get a sense of the actual exam setting, try to take as many IPMAT practise exams as you can.
  • Mock tests can help you increase your confidence as well.

IPMAT 2023 Math Score Booster

There are primarily two types of students.

  1. 1. Study mathematics through the 12th grade if you have strong quantitative ability and come from a maths background.
    If you studied mathematics up until class 9 or class 10, but you lack quantitative ability. Decide on a preparation strategy based on whether you are Type 1 or Type 2, and then classify yourself accordingly. There are two ways to perform well on the IPMAT maths section.

If your quantitative ability is strong:


Make sure to get the highest possible score on this section. So, you can anticipate scoring between 140 and 145 on the QA (SA+MCQs). Out of the 60 questions in the QA test, a total of 35 to 37 were answered. You won’t even get to attempt more than this because the IPMAT sections are timed. Hence, emphasize accuracy.

If your quantitative ability is lacking,


Do not undervalue quantitative aptitude. Once you are certain you have made enough attempts to pass the overall cut-off, you must complete the VA section with a score of 136 to 140.

Again, the sections of the IPMAT are time-limited, so the only way to ensure that your strategy for passing the IPMAT cut-off is foolproof is through careful planning and diligent practice on high-quality mock exams and previous year’s papers. You can’t possibly complete all the questions in each section due to time constraints, so only concentrate on those that are on subjects you are knowledgeable about. Arithmetic and algebra have frequently come up as key topics on the IPMAT and other entrance exams. Therefore, as they account for a large portion of the IPMAT, practice and master these topics.


Best Resources for IPMAT 2023 Maths Preparation?

It’s crucial to use the proper set of resources when preparing. Here is a list of books to help you study for the IPMAT’s maths section and gain a thorough understanding of the material.

Book Name Author/Publisher
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams R.S. Aggarwal
Class XI and XII Mathematics  R.D. Sharma
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT     Arun Sharma

When should I start preparing for the Quant Section of the IPMAT 2023?

How Should I Prepare for the Math Section of the IPMAT? To address the query, we are here. The quantitative section of the question paper makes up 60% of the IPMAT exam. Therefore, be careful not to take this section too lightly. Starting with the fundamentals will make it simpler to study more difficult material.

Make sure you understand and have a firm grasp of your fundamentals. You can list your strong points and areas of weakness separately. This can assist you in determining which subject requires more attention. The topics covered in the mathematics section are listed below. There are two divisions in the quantitative section:

  1. Objective questions
  2. Descriptive questions.

This indicates that there are 20 short answer questions and 40 multiple choice questions in this section of the exam. You must finish the quant section of the IPMAT Exam in 60 minutes out of the total 90 minutes allotted. Do not be concerned; with adequate study, you can correctly respond to every question and perform well on the exam.


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