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How to Manage time effectively during the IPMAT exam

How to manage time effectively during the IPMAT exam


A successful time management strategy is necessary to perform well on the time-limited Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT). To perform well on any exam, including the IPMAT, effective time management is a necessity. Here are some tips for efficient time management during the IPMAT test:

  • Recognize the exam format: Recognizing the exam format is the first step to effectively managing your time during the IPMAT. The total number of questions, the number of sections, and the amount of time allotted for each section should all be known to you.
  • Plan ahead: Once you are familiar with the format of the exam, schedule time for each section. Set a time limit for yourself and stick to it when answering each question.
  • Sections should be given priority: if they are particularly challenging for you. Avoid wasting too much time on a challenging section because doing so can cause you to neglect the other sections’ time management.
  • Practice time-bound mock tests: In order to get a sense of the real exam, it is imperative to practice time-bound mock exams. Take as many practice exams as you can to increase your quickness and accuracy.
  • Make the most of your reading time: IPMAT allots 20 to 30 minutes for reading. Take advantage of this time to quickly scan the questions and become familiar with the exam format.
  • Keep an eye on the clock: Keep an eye on the clock throughout the exam to make sure you don’t go over the allotted time for any section.

You can increase your chances of success and efficiently manage your time during the IPMAT exam by paying attention to these tips.

 How to Manage Time While Preparing for a IPMAT Exam?

IPMAT is challenging to pass and even harder to do well on. To ace these exams, candidates put in a lot of study time and effort. However, they frequently lament that they are unable to finish the paper in time. As a result, many candidates miss out on points they could have earned. Their chances of getting a seat in a prestigious institute are negatively impacted by this, which lowers their overall score. It is possible to circumvent this issue, though. As you prepare for the IPMAT exam, we walk you through some time management tips.


  • Plan your time before beginning.

Prior to starting anything, put your attention on scheduling your time. Maintaining organization helps you feel in control and reduces stress. Additionally, it aids in the development of new study techniques. The goal is to be explicit about what you will do, for how long, each day and over the course of the months. So, make a list of everything you need to do, including your studies, and put it in place. It will also support self-evaluation. So, concentrate on creating “time.”

  • Consider your needs.

Passing the IPMAT exam is no easy task. Not only must you work hard in class, but you must also consider your needs and requirements. This will enable you to choose the most effective time management approach. As a result, determine how much time you’ll need to spend studying each day as well as how much time you’ll need for other activities, etc. This includes physical activity, rest, food, travel, and other ad hoc pursuits. Reduce your time spent on all other activities and devote more time to your studies. However, maintain a balanced diet.

  • Establish clear priorities.

Setting priorities is the secret to efficient time management. You can make proactive decisions about the course of your preparation by setting your priorities. Give subjects or topics you are weak in importance and devote more time to them. Spend less time on the subjects that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with. However, when establishing your priorities, avoid skipping any subject. Enroll in a coaching programme to have your strengths and weaknesses evaluated. Additionally, you will receive assistance from the institute’s tutors.

  • Create a study plan.

Although this is acknowledged, the significance of creating an effective study schedule cannot be overstated. This needs to be set up once your priorities have been established. Your schedule ought to reflect your priorities and be something you can stick to. Make a study schedule for the week in which you commit a specific number of hours to your studies. After the week is over, evaluate your results. You will be able to better manage your time as a result, which will also help you during your exams. Include all activities besides studying in the schedule as well.

  • Don’t stray from the schedule.

The ability to follow through on a study plan is arguably the biggest challenge for any student. But it’s crucial to stick to the schedule you’ve made if you want to manage your time effectively. You should also be devoted and strict with yourself. Throughout the duration of your preparation, strictly adhere to the schedule you have established. Keep in mind that if you stray from this, your studies will suffer, which will eventually have an impact on your preparation. But always maintain a positive attitude and manage your stress.

  • Avoid giving in to peer pressure.

Friends are vital and helpful, as well as being very encouraging. But you are the best judge of yourself. Thus, always keep in mind that nothing should interfere with your study time not even close associates or social media. Yes, social media can pose a serious threat if it is not used properly. Also, not everyone can fit into the same shoe. You might not find what works for your friend to be effective. As a result, you need to come up with your own plan. However, taking part in competitive exam classes will help you keep up with your studies, so you should think about signing up for one. There are no shortcuts to ace a competitive exam, as there are in everything else. If you’re wondering how the top students manage to succeed at this level, it all comes down to diligent and effective time management. After the 10th grade, you may have begun your IPMAT preparation. Setting up a proper schedule and sticking to it is essential, though. Keep in mind that, unlike Board exams, competitive exams are result-oriented. As a result, you must change your preparation method and approach. We are confident that following our advice will make you more effective at managing your time. This will undoubtedly aid in your exam success.

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