IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !! IPMAT Rohtak Results are Out !!

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Prepare for IPMAT 26

Prepare for IPMAT 26

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Prepare for IPMAT 2026 , IPM Careers is your ride to IPMAT 2026 and this Admission Form is a ticket.

Prepare for IPMAT 2026 with our Online/Offline Course.

    IPMAT 26 – An upcoming exam in 2026 for which we have introduced an extensive course. 

    IPMAT 2026 is an extensive course from IPM Careers to help you crack IPMAT Exams which is going to happen in year 2026. This Course has all what you need for IPMAT Preps , curated and taught by well known IIM Alumni. You must join our Course before slots run out of availability. In case you are looking for different course for 2024 or crash course,

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    Quick Information About IPM-AT Exams.


    IIM-Indore, instituted in 1996, is the sixth member of IIM family of management schools. In 2011, IIM – Indore, launched first of its kind that is its five-year integrated program in management (IPM).

    IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak have been imparting the five-year integrated course in MBA for undergraduate students for a few years now. IIM RanchiIIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya also introduced IPM degree courses for students after Class 12 in 2021. The Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM), is a unique programme that aims to meet the aspirations of young students to become management professionals. Admission to this programme is done through entrance exam followed by Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

    The Five-year Integrated course in Management (BBA+MBA) is a 15-term program that is spread over five years with three terms a year. Each term is for three months. The course includes management education in the social sciences setting.


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