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Best IPMAT Coaching in Kanpur

Best IPMAT Coaching in Kanpur

What is IPMAT

The Indian Institute of Management Indore offers the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) (IIM Indore).  For admission to the five-year Integrated Program in Management at IIM Indore, the national level exam is necessary. IPMAT is a dual-degree programme at IIM Indore that combines a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. The programme is intended for students who want to pursue careers in management and business.

The IPMAT 2023 exam will be administered online, followed by a personal interview (PI). The programme lasts five years and is divided into 15 terms. Every year consists of three three-month terms.

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) will also accept IPMAT scores for its Integrated Program in Management. At the end of the programme, candidates will be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics) and a Master of Business Administration (International Business).

Stages of the IPM Selection Procedure

  • IPM aptitude test
  • Personal Interview


The aptitude test consists of 3 sections-

  • Quantitative Ability-MCQs (QA)
  • Quantitative Ability-Short Answers (SA)
  • Verbal Ability (VA)


We aim to be the best IPMAT coaching in Kanpur by offering the following services:


  • Comprehensive study materials and expert faculty guidance,
  • Regular mock tests and personalized doubt-solving sessions,
  • One-on-one mentoring and career counseling support.


Our program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to crack the IPMAT exam and secure admission to the esteemed IIM Indore for a bright future in management.

Perhaps the most competitive UG management entrance, IPMAT attracts over 25,000 applicants for its 150 or so seats. One such organization that can help you achieve your goals is discussed in this response. If you want to apply to the esteemed IIM, you must have the right plan in place and receive the right coaching.


What advantages come with IPMAT coaching classes?


IPMAT Coaching Classes can offer a methodical, structured approach to preparing for the entrance exam, with knowledgeable instructors and practice exams to help pinpoint areas that require improvement. Your chances of passing the competitive exam and obtaining admission to the best management institute can be improved by doing this.

IPM Coaching classes incorporate a realistic test environment, concept clarity, a strategy for preparation, and study materials that were developed with the help of subject-matter experts as mentors.


  • Relevant practice materials and assignments, 
  • The best faculties for dispelling doubts,
  •  The clearance is conducted in a competitive environment,
  •  Mock test to get a complete picture of your preparation.

As a motivated student who is interested in pursuing a career, you must conduct wise research. True, achieving success takes a lot of work, but so does making the right choices. Utilize the same guiding principle to select the best coaching for IPMAT preparation.


  1. Faculty: We always seek the counsel of a faculty that we have complete confidence in, regardless of the type of institution, whether it be online or offline. In the eyes of the typical student, an instructor is someone who instructs, mentors, and gives feedback to students on their development. Our instructors have passed the IPMAT exam and are more knowledgeable about what is required to succeed, IPM Careers is the best in this field.

Additionally, our instructors go beyond just teaching the required curriculum – they also strive to instill crucial life skills, such as time management and decision-making, in our students. As a result, our graduates are well-rounded individuals with excellent academic records and the confidence to conquer any challenge they face in the real world.

  1. Study Material: A comprehensive study manual created especially for IPM aspirants is necessary, just like with the faculty. It answers all of your questions about the aptitude test and gives you a thorough understanding of how to ace it the first time around.

Additionally, the study material should include previous years’ question papers and mock tests to give an insight into the actual exam format. Practice exercises and tips on time management and problem-solving strategies are also essential components of the study material.

  1. Mock Test: Any exam is incredibly simple if you have previous experience with the questions. Because of this, mock tests are essential. They provide you with a reality check and assist you in mentally preparing for the big day. The mock tests also give you access to all of the difficult brain teasers that the real exam loves to throw at you. After carefully examining previous test results and estimating your level of performance based on them, we at IPM Careers have created customized mock tests for you. It helps paint a realistic picture of where you are right now, and we then provide guidance on how to advance.
  2. Personal Attention: Prior to enrolling in a coaching programme, this is without a doubt the most important factor you should consider. The majority of well-known coaching institutions completely fail in this area because they are too big to individually mentor each and every student. How frequently do they provide you with one-on-one time when you really need it? If you send them a message, do they respond right away or do they wait a few days to get back to you? Do they really care about each and every student succeeding, or are they more focused on getting the course fee from you? Sincerity dictates that you are merely a number on their excel spreadsheet, not a candidate, to them. Because we place a greater emphasis on the needs of the individual and create learning paths that are specifically tailored for them, IPM Careers completely dominates other institutions in this field. Our faculty keeps in close contact with the candidates in case they require assistance or feedback. Each student also has a mentor (IPM seniors) who can offer helpful advice. 

Start preparing with IPM Careers, the top IPMAT coaching facility in Kanpur. Plan ahead right away to stay one step ahead of your rivals.

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