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Are Calculators Permitted in the IPMAT 2025 Exam?


Understanding IPMAT regulations is crucial for success. Discover whether calculators are allowed in IPMAT 2025, the use of on-screen calculators, and strategies for effective preparation under these regulations.


Understanding the rules and restrictions, especially the instruments permitted, is of the utmost importance for many applicants studying for the Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT). One of the most commonly requested questions concerns the use of calculators during the IPMAT exam. This article walks readers through the official guidelines, providing a comprehensive overview of the regulations regarding calculator usage and offering strategies to adapt to these rules effectively.

IPMAT Examination Guidelines

Can We Use a Calculator in IPMAT Exam?

Candidates are not permitted to bring calculators to the IPMAT examination at the exam center, according to official instructions issued by the examination authorities. This policy is consistent with maintaining the examination’s sanctity and fairness, as well as assuring an equal level of competition for all candidates.

On-Screen Calculator

While personal calculators are strictly prohibited, applicants will benefit from an on-screen calculator throughout the online assessment. This digital tool functions similarly to a traditional calculator, ensuring that candidates are not at a disadvantage while completing quantitative tasks that require calculations. Mock tests for IPMAT are perfect for those who aren’t used to using on-screen calculators. These practice sessions help candidates get comfortable with how the on-screen calculator works and its layout, so there are no surprises during the actual exam. It is advised to be more self-reliant in calculations using tricks and shortcuts, as using the on-screen calculator can be tedious and time-consuming and should be used for complex calculations only.

Why Personal Calculators are Not Allowed?


The restriction on using personal calculators comes from the need to ensure consistent quality throughout the exam. By providing everyone with an on-screen calculator, the examination committee ensures uniformity: all candidates use the same calculator version, leaving no room for disparities in the process.

Prevention of Malpractice

Restricting personal devices minimizes the chances of candidates using advanced calculators with stored data or using calculators as a means to cheat.

Logistics and Monitoring

Monitoring the legitimacy of various calculator models would be a logistical nightmare for invigilators. A standardized on-screen calculator simplifies this.

Other Prohibited Items

Aside from calculators, numerous other things are prohibited in the IPMAT exam hall. Carrying these could result in disqualification. Examples include:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Watches
  • Laptops (and other digital devices)
  • Food items

Any candidate discovered in possession of these or other prohibited items would not only be disqualified from the exam, but the examination authorities may also take severe measures against them. As a result, it is critical to be aware of the requirements and to strictly follow them.

Strategies for Effective Preparation

Practice with Mock Tests

Mock tests help candidates get comfortable with the on-screen calculator’s layout and functionality. It is crucial to simulate the exam environment as closely as possible during these practice sessions.

Sharpen Mental Math Skills

Mental math can save precious time during the exam. While the on-screen calculator is available, it can be slow and cumbersome to use for every calculation. Developing strong mental math skills allows candidates to perform simple calculations quickly without relying on the calculator.

Familiarize Yourself with Exam Principles

Knowing the exam rules and regulations can boost a candidate’s performance and confidence on exam day. Being well-prepared not only academically but also logistically can make a significant difference in overall performance.


Adapting to the environment established by the exam authorities is essential for success. While personal calculators are useful during preparation, adapting to the on-screen calculator is critical on exam day. Smart preparation, including practicing with mock tests and sharpening mental math skills, can help candidates navigate the restrictions effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • IPMAT provides an on-screen calculator: Forget your personal one! This ensures fairness and prevents trickery with fancy calculators.
  • Practice with mock tests: Don’t be surprised by the on-screen calculator’s layout. Mock tests help you get comfortable using it efficiently.
  • Mental math is still your friend: The on-screen calculator can be slow. Sharpen your mental math skills to save precious time during the exam.
  • Leave certain things at home: Phones, smartwatches, laptops, and food are a big no-no. Getting caught with these means disqualification.
  • Be test-ready, not just study-ready: Knowing the exam rules and regulations gives you a confidence boost on test day.

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